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BIG "D" to draft QB or trust Tony.

Updated on February 29, 2016

Can Cowboy fans endure another Romo mumbo jumbo injury?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, has taken his fans on quite a roller coaster ride with his many double whammy injuries. Tony suffered two injuries to his throwing hand in the 2008 season and the 2011 season. Back to back season injuries trampled Tony Romo and the Cowboy nation in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons, although the injuries occured near the end of both these seasons.. However, Tony Romo's left clavicle has been a injurious triple whammy, as Tony suffered injuries to the same shoulder once in season 2010 and twice in the 2015 season.

As a starter for the Cowboys in 133 games, Tony Romo's record is 80-53 with a winning percentage of .60 including the playoffs. The Cowboys are 7-23 in Romo's absence to injuries, and are highly dependent on Tony's presence on the field. Tony Romo has missed 30 games due to injuries, which totals up to nearly 2 seasons.

Tony Romo's injuries have shown signifcant patterns. The question is not,"Will he get injured again?", but "when". However, Tony Romo is expecting to have a protective plate implanted on his left collarbone when in surgery. Hopefully, this particular surgical method could strengthen his shoulder and assure his presence on the field of play to fulfill the Dallas Cowboys desperate need for their field general.

Should the Dallas Cowboys draft a QB in the first round?

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Why or why shouldn't the Cowboys draft a quarterback in the first round?

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    • profile image

      Richard Smith 21 months ago

      I hate the Cowboys, let Tony Romo stay so he can get hurt again.

    • profile image

      Randy Bogswell 21 months ago

      I'm so freaking tired of Tony Romo ruining our chances to get to a super bowl. Yes, we need a new QB.