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What is nice about the zhu zhu pets

Updated on November 29, 2009

In the last few weeks, the craze of the holiday season seems to be the zhu zhu pets. A set of toy hamsters that can costs less then ten dollars (if you can find them).

As a parent, I found it interesting that people would be interested in such a thing. Because, if you look at it, they are not very different from stuffed hamsters that you can buy on any store in the US. In fact, many existing toys are more realistic and nice to play with than zhu zhu pets.

To get to the reality of the matter, I did my own research in the web. I found out that there are quite a number of nice things about zhu zhu pets that might be of interest to people that like to collect toy animals, in comparison with the existing offers of the market.

A Few Nice Things About Zhu Zhu Pets

They are cheaper than a real hamster: if you stop a little to think about it, even though you have to overpay for a zhu zhu pet, it is still a better deal than buying a real hamster. After all, a zhu zhu pet is paid in full after you made the purchase. Such is not the case with hamsters, where you just started your expenses. You will have to buy food and supplies for the pets for a long time.

  • They satisfy the need for short term excitement in you kids better than real hamsters: another issue with buying hamsters is that your kids have no idea what is the day to day of having a hamster at home. They are just interested in the initial joy of getting the hamster, not in the shores of taking care of one or more. When the hamster is not a new thing anymore, they will find boring taking care of the pet, and eventually the parents will have to do something (usually take care of the hamsters by themselves). This is such an advantage that I think it is valuable the price they are asking.
  • They don't need proper space: once you get the zhu zhu pet and play with them for a while, just find a box and put them there for good. It is quick and easy, the type of thing that kids and especially adults love to do. The same can't be said from a real hamster: you need to have proper space for day, and they will be there day and night, if you like it or not. And you still need to clean their space at least every few days, which may be an annoyance.
  • They are easy to dispose of: also, if you don't like your zhu zhu pets, it easy to sell them for a reasonably good price. Everyone is trading these toys on eBay, so you should have too much of a hard time selling them in an auction. On the other hand, nobody wants to buy hamsters from somebody else. They don't even want them for free, which makes all the more remarkable that pets stores can survive selling these animals!


Zhu zhu pets may look like a waste of time and money, but in fact they are not. They may be just a better way to treat you kids with something fun to do, while at the same time avoid the need for a real hamster. You may even need to overpay for Zhu zhu pets, but they certainly satisfy a need and can make the life of parents a little easier.


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