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What is the Sport Club Maguari

Updated on October 4, 2012

The Sport Club Maguari

The Sport Club Maguari was a football club from the city of Fortaleza, in Ceara state. His uniform background was all white with a black horizontal stripe at chest height, so the nickname cintanegrino cintanegrina or team. The black band was inspired by the existing in some birds of the same name, located under the wings visible in flight.

The Maguari was founded on June 24, 1924, the family Barbosa Freitas. It was one of the most elite soccer clubs Ceará, though told with great sympathy of the masses, even had the second largest crowd of the state.

Historian Nirez Ceara de Azevedo, in his book History of the Football Championship of Ceará, page 27, explains the foundation of the club. Reports that in 1924 there was a firm called "Saunders, Barbosa & Co., which operated under the name Benzold Agency, Senator Alencar in the street, and who worked in the field of representation, the square of Ceará. Was among their representations of the Tannery Maguary Belém do Pará. "

That Tannery, located in the north and now extinct, was implemented by two English brothers, the Saunders and Davids (1916), the river Maguari (before Maguari-Acu), whose name was inherited from the toponymy of the place in turn, was baptized by the first inhabitants in view of the constant presence of the bird maguari, large wading bird, gray and black color, likened to the heron.

In Ceara the 1920s, "Captain Saunders," says de Azevedo Nirez yet, "her daughters had the great admirers of football. Girls encouraged members Hugo Gil Saunders, José Armando de Freitas Barbosa and Guilherme, directors of the firm and more employees Hugo Berthold Saunders, Raymond Freitas Barbosa and Joao Barbosa to form a team of the company. The idea caught on, and on 24 June, came Maguari Sport Club, in honor of the tannery which, in turn funded the enterprise. "

Its first headquarters was located in the neighborhood of Alagadiço (now San Gerardo), having been hired in the street Menezes numbers 25 and 26, the first club president, businessman Jose de Freitas Barbosa. The second was located in the bucolic and then aristocratic neighborhood of Benfica, the Viscount of Cauípe Avenue, No. 2081, now University Avenue. That's when Waldir Diogo de Siqueira, Mario de Alencar Gadelha, Egberto de Paula Rodrigues, together with a group of friends, turned his former club in a college elegant with its new headquarters and the third opened in April 20, 1946, erected in a wide field, in 2955 the number of Rua Barao do Rio Branco, in the block located between the streets of Rome and Father Mr John Bridges, in the noble district of Fatima.

Its historic headquarters, friendly and warm, completed in 1946, was the signature in the construction of the famous architect Silvio Jaguaribe Ekman, the same as the Ideal Club, another traditional club in Fortaleza. At the headquarters of the Maguari practiced amateur sports and festive activities took place that marked the life of the city, especially in bright golden years, with the enthusiasm of visitors extending for years to come. Many of its lively carnival celebrations ended at ten o'clock the next morning - unusual events to the small fort at the time.

The Club des Princes was named one of the most traditional associations diversionais of Fortaleza, capital of Ceara, having been founded on June 24, 1924 and starting his activities as "football club" in ancient Alagadiço, San Gerardo district today. Provided, further, unforgettable moments of joy and excitement to compete with the major sporting bodies at the time: America, Ceará, Fortaleza and Rail.

The team Cintanegrina, it is also called as a function of horizontal black band on the chest, even with the spelling of his name with 'y' final common writing of the time, participated in the moment the ADC (Sports Association Cearense ) required legal registration of institution (on 29.01.1936), since it worked in the informal sector, as contained on pages 115 and 116 of the book Cearense Football: A century of history, researcher and writer Alberto Damascus.

The Maguari also made history when in the radio Ceará December 24, 1939 the pioneer Ceará Radio Club (PRE-9), radio station of Fortaleza, made the first radio broadcast of a game Cearense Football Championship. The match, held in Fortaleza, involved teams of Sea Star Foot-ball Club and the Sport Club Maguari.
The club began play in the Ceará State Championship in 1927 [2]. He was champion in the old Field of the Prado in 1929 and 1936, and President Vargas was in the stadium champion 1943/1944), besides being consecrated as the "first champion Castelão", when he won the America, 02/12/1973 at the end of the "Tournament Breno Victorian" competition organized to celebrate the opening of the Giant of Boa Vista, such as Michelangelo quotes Nirez de Azevedo in his Illustrated Chronology of Fortaleza - Volume I - 2001.

Having been four times Champion of Ceara, the Maguari also was runner-up on seven occasions: 1928, 1930, 1932, 1935, 1937, 1938 and 1945 [3], keeping a brand enviable: 4th place among teams from Ceará in the ranking of football National newspaper Folha de S. Paul presented in his edition of 23.12.2007, page 6 of the sports section.

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