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What is the Wonderlic Test?

Updated on March 2, 2011

The Wonderlic Test

I am sure many of you have heard the term "Wonderlick Test" exspecially during the NFL off season. But have you ever stopped to really answer the question "What is the Wonderlic Test?".

Every year NFL hopefulls go to the NFL Scouting Combine to be tested in front of scouts and coaches in the hope of impressing enough of them to get a chance in NFL. before they go into the NFL. Before they go through all the drills all of the aspiring NFL players take the wonderlic test.

It is a test that NFL draftees take during the NFL combine. Beyond that is is a mystery.

Recent News:

Greg Mcelroy scored a 48 out of 50 on the wonderlic in 2011

What is the Wonderlic?

Well, let the Wonderlic be a mystery no more.

The wonderlic coginitive ability test is test given during the NFL combine to draftees. It is also used by many corporations to access the appitude of prospective employees. The test is a twelve minute timed test, comprising of 50 questions from simple multiple choice questions to complex strory problems. A score of 20 is attended to indicate average intelligence. The test was developd by Eldon F. Wonderlic an industrial psychologist.

Use in the NFL Combine

The Wonderlic Test is used by many institutions, but the most well known one is its use in the NFL pre-draft assesment of prospective pro players.

NFL Average Wonderlic Test Scores

Here is a list of some of the average score per position in the NFL

Quarterback - 24 (Most teams want at least 21 for a quarterback.)

Tight End - 22

Safety - 19

Linebacker - 19

Cornerback - 18

Wide Receiver - 17

Fullback - 17

Halfback - 16

Offensive Tackle - 26

Center - 25

Guard - 23


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