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Which size and shape trampoline is best?

Updated on August 4, 2012

What size and shape trampoline is best?

So your children are bored and want something new and exciting, well most families will look into getting a trampoline. But wait there are so many shapes and sizes which one should you go for.

Well when choosing a trampoline you first need to find out the footing area in your garden as to where the trampoline is going to be situated. Once you know what size will fit in your garden you can then go about choosing a shape.

There are no certain sizes to go for based on age it is really just based on what you can fit in your garden. But remember the larger the trampoline the better the bounce and the more weight it will hold.

There are many different shapes of trampolines on the market the main ones being Round, Oval and Rectangular. The most common shape is round as these come in smaller sizes then rectangular ones and usually have a cheaper price tag.

The only disadvantage to a round trampoline is the way the bounce works, the springs on a round trampoline all work at the same time so they pull the user into the centre of the trampoline which will cause collisions when more then one user is on the trampoline and will also make it harder to do any precision trampoline tricks.

The best trampoline shape will be rectangular or oval the reason for this is that the trampoline has straight edges which allow the springs to all work at different timings letting the user always land where they left off.

Thomas Staton - A Trampoline and Outdoor games expert. With over four years experiance in the outdoor games industry.


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    • tom.staton profile image

      tom.staton 7 years ago from Oxford

      Yes it is very important to leave atleast a meter distance between the trampoline and any fence or wall.