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What the Bulls can do this off-season

Updated on April 26, 2016

Hey everybody! The last web page I will be posting for the semester is this one and it is all about the off-season for the Chicago Bulls. It looks as though things will be changing in the off-season so I wanted to make some recommendations as to how I think the Chicago Bulls should change things. First off lets look at what we got. We know that from point guard to center we will have: Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Nikola Mirotic. Wow... yikes to all that. If the team was bad this year, next year will be trash without some moves being made. To start, in my opinion, you gotta move Derrick Rose. Where? Why the Lakers of course! And for who? The hated one... Deangelo Russell. He has no respect in the Lakers locker room so it only makes sense you make a move for the young, unloved player for one that is loved... but way overpaid for this Chicago Bulls team. Deangelo Russell would bring youth, flair, and so much more to a team that desperately needs it. Just be careful where and what you say to the man.

Next, assuming the Chicago Bulls keep Derrick Rose, they will need to get some power forwards. I think Bobby Portis can be a beast but he's not ready yet. Go after an older guy who can teach, play defense, and score the ball fairly well. I would recommend a Zach Randolph or someone along those lines. Pau Gasol is as good as gone so we better start picking out who will take his place. The Chicago Bulls will also need a new center. Joakihm Noah has been a beast for the past 8 years or so, but the times have changed and he has gotten hurt and beat up too much. Plus he does not fit into the new offense one bit. The Chicago Bulls would benefit from a center like Hassan Whiteside from the Miami Heat. A player who can score pretty well and play great defense. Another name that comes to mind is Serge Ibaka. He could shore up that defense and give the Chicago Bulls the presence they need desperately in the paint.

As far as trading players, the Chicago Bulls need to trade Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, and Mike Dunleavy. These three are still on contract for next season. You could get a older veteran player for Taj Gibson or even a young raw player. Tony Snell will be harder to move, but there is always a team out there who can surprise with a move for him. Lastly, Mike Dunleavy will have a pretty good market. He will most likely get shipped to a contender for a future draft pick of some sort and some cash. As far as free agents the Chicago Bulls need to let almost everyone walk. Pau Gasol with a player option, will probably walk as it is. When all is said and done this team will be very barren. I would try and resign Etwaunn Moore, but he will probably get a sizable offer somewhere else that he will not be able to turn down. Next, the Chicago Bulls need to bring in smart, high IQ players and not the riff-raff we have seen in recent years like Carlos Boozer. No more Carlos Boozerish players front office! They need to bring in a few savvy veteran players and some young, need a chance players.

This model is very similar to what the great teams of the past have done. For example, the San Antonio Spurs always seem to have players that just needed a chance become break out stars for them. Manu Ginobli, Dejuan Blair, and most recently Patrick Mills all were able to accomplish that feat. The Chicago Bulls need players like this. Right now this is what I have for the Chicago Bulls starting lineup: Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, No One, Nikola Mirotic, and No One. The starting lineup needs two players for next season. One small forward and one center. Doug McDermott needs to learn how to play defense before he can start for the Chicago Bulls again, however he is a great scoring threat off the bench for now. A small forward will be tricky but they need a player like Jeff Green who can provide decent offense, great defense, athleticism, and all around flair at the position. At center, as mentioned earlier, a player like Hassan Whiteside or Serge Ibaka would be perfect to provide offense, rebound, and most importantly be an anchor on defense for the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls also need to draft some small forwards or guards in this years draft and hope all pans out. This draft is rather weak so you gotta scout well and make the most of it. The last thing of importance to note when solving the Chicago Bulls off-season problem is what will you do with the offense and defense that struggled so mightily this season. For defense, practice hard and bring in new players with some smarts and edge to them. With the offensive side of the ball, you need to teach Hoiberg!

Hoiberg, the Chicago Bulls coach, the man they replaced the great Tom Thibadeau with, need to coach and be a leader. Do not just parole the sidelines like a loser any longer. Get in there and coach! Hold your players accountable... yell... do what a coach does... Do not just stand by as your team falls on their face. Get on your players and teach them how to play basketball! These are all the recommendations I have for this Chicago Bulls team in this off-season.

I believe things will get much better in time. If the Chicago Bulls were to follow this blue print the team will be winning again and the problem will be solved once and for all. Things will be getting better soon my fellow Chicago Bulls fans and it will all start this summer during the draft and free agency period. Our problems will be a thing of the past!


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