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What to Bring when You Go Ocean Kayak Fishing

Updated on March 4, 2014

It’s a unique way to fish is salt water using an ocean kayak. Generally, the ocean kayaks are a much more convenient way of to use when fishing rather than using powerboats that will cost you the fuel and maintenance. Ocean kayaks can be simply put in the bed of pickup truck and go to your fishing trip. It will be a good exercise for you too. When trying out ocean kayak fishing, here are some key points to make your day fun and memorable.

Kayak Fishing Tools and Gear

The Main Ride

Modern kayak fishing uses the sit-on-top, open cockpit models. These models come with self-draining scuppers and a wide beam for great stability and also to carry the necessary tackles. The sit-on-top, open cockpit models are virtually indestructible, easy to paddle, and low costing. These make the models user-friendly and will be perfect for beginners.

Ocean kayaks designed for sport fishing are equipped with many helpful tools like GPS receivers, sealed lead acid battery powered electronic fish-finders, and more. With these tools included in ocean kayaks optimized for sport fishing, you can simply call it “moving fishing chairs”. Along with these specialized fishing equipment and the lures or live baits used by fishermen, they also need tools for their personal safety and self-sufficiency.

The 3 Golden Rules of Kayak Fishing

Personal Safety and Convenient Tools

There are many kayak accessories that are important to bring when going ocean kayak fishing. The first thing on the list for your personal safety is a floating device that is coast guard-approved. This helps you if you will be separated from his kayak. A sharp knife is also a requirement when bringing kayak fishing accessories. The knife deals with the lines or if you hook a large fish that you know you can land. Aside from having the GPS receivers equipped to your kayak, you should also be equipped with a deck-mounted compass to help you navigate.

For communication, a VHF radio is a great addition to your kayak accessories. Also bring coast guard-approved flares and an emergency whistle so loud that everyone near the area can hear. These accessories will help you in case you get lost while you enjoy fishing. Even if you are a daytime fisherman, you should also bring with you a waterproof flashlight just in case you will encounter delays going back to shore. Do not forget to bring plenty of drinking water to keep you hydrated and high-energy snacks to fill your stomach and provide you energy. Add also sunglasses, fishing hat, and a good sunscreen. With these things with you, you are very much ready to go to get that big catch and enjoy the sport.

It is important that you bring items that will help you secure your personal safety. Convenient tools should also be added when going ocean kayak fishing for self-sufficiency. But the most important thing that you must not forget to bring is your kayak and, of course, yourself. Enjoy your next fishing trip!


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