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What to Expect From Tiger This Year

Updated on January 25, 2018
Tiger at the Farmer's Insurance Open yesterday.
Tiger at the Farmer's Insurance Open yesterday. | Source


He's back.

Tiger Woods has come a long way to finally be able to compete at the highest level. Now, there is so many questions that come to mind when you think of how his season will play out. Is he prepared mentally and physically? Can he overcome the ups and downs during his rounds? Can his body take the physical toll?

We got a small piece of what it can be like for Tiger when he came back to play in his own tournament awhile ago. I believe this tournament was for confidence in himself to compete with the field like he did years ago. Also, it was a test for his body to make sure he could take on the roughness of competing through the weekend. All in all, he did very well even in a small tournament with minimal number of players. He proved his swing is geared for his age and body in order for him to be able to play freely. But, is it too good to be true?

We all are chomping at the bit to hop on the hype train, which I will admit I have done several times in his failed attempts to come back to professional golf. So, why is this different? Let me tell you why.

First off, I believe Tiger finally found the right swing for himself that won't continue to wear down his body. Trust me, I have seen all of the Twitter videos. I follow the @GCTigerTracker as much as any of his biggest fans. His swings look effortless and it looks like he finally let go of the past and the ability to torque his body like his primed years. But, it has an adverse affect. By finding a more geared swing for his age, he has started to crush the ball, almost as far as the long ball hitters in the field. He golfed with Rickie Fowler who mentioned how far he really is hitting it. FAR.

Secondly, I think it took Tiger this long to finally clear his head mentally in order to play the best golf he can. We all know he has had a lot to think about for the past decade, some good and a lot bad. He finally looks like he can enjoy himself while competing which is a first in a loooooooong time. He even smiles every now and then.

My Expectations

So, Im going to give my $.10 for how I believe his year will play out. I don't even think Tiger knows what to expect from this year, but here I am, giving it the good ole college try.

Tiger will get through the year with no injuries for the first time in what feels like 50 years ago. I think he will play his year out with a smart strategy to not over do it. It can be easy for a golfer who loves to compete and show the World "I'm back" to over do the amount of tournaments he plays since there are like a million on tour. I think he will play a couple before the majors as tune ups, but thats it. Honestly, this is how he should approach every year from here on out. I mean cmon, he is still playing with a body that has gone through as many injuries as Tony Romo and Brett Favre combined. He realized where he is in his career and what he must do to compete in the tournaments he is apart of.

Tiger will finally win a tournament. Now, I don't believe it is going to be a major, but I do think he wins and the whole World is going to go crazy. On top of winning a tournament for the first time since 2013, he will finish with roughly 5 top 10s including two of them being at The Masters and Players Championship. So, overall, if my expectations come true, you can best believe that this year will be a success.

I mean c'mon, the game is obviously better with him playing and at least being around the sport. Tiger makes this sport what it is and gave these young kids a platform to succeed by bringing more fans to the game than anyone ever will. He's the GOAT for a reason.

So, in conclusion, plz plz plz play well today and the weekend at the Farmers and lets see my expectations come true. Hell, get greedy my man, exceed them by a mile and show everyone in the sport what older generations of professionals had to deal with.

I cannot wait. Lets have a good year, Tiger.

© 2018 Corey Kaiser


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