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What would Walt Disney's sixth theme park look like ?

Updated on April 16, 2016


“WE MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN” - That’s the motto of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Disney theme parks are about fun, rides, shows, movies, interactive games, exceptional products and souvenirs.To achieve this magic the Disney staff develop cutting-edge technology to bring imaginations to life. Disney “imagineers” are described as storytellers, who make the impossible possible. I would prefer to keep it as engineers who make the “impossible” possible.


The Walt Disney parks attract millions of guests from all over the world every year. Disney World currently has four theme park in addition to the Water Parks. These four theme parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I read an article in Hubpages describing a fifth theme park, thus I chose to add a sixth theme park - Disney Tropical Kingdom.

The Disney Tropical theme park would consist of four sections similar to Magic Kingdom. Let us name them- carnival land (frontier land), make-believe land (fantasy land), surprise land (adventure land) and future land (tomorrowland). In addition each of the four sections, will consist of four sections - Animal Kingdom (featuring Caribbean sea animals, tropical birds, reptiles and ground animal), Epcot (showcasing the culture of the different islands), Hollywood Studios (Theater and Entertainment) and Magic Kingdom.

How many pencils?


The concept of a sixth park - a Disney Tropical Kingdom came from a dream I had in 1993 about visiting Disney parks in the four seasons. At the beginning of the dream, I was on a yacht, which became a train. The train took us to a spring park, summer park, autumn park and a winter park. park.

Jamaican Brownie Trip

I actually went to Disney World Magic Kingdom, on a Jamaican brownie trip in 1973, when I was 10 years old, As a Jamaican child living in the rural area, I knew I was going on a plane to Florida, but I had no idea what to expect. On this trip we also visited Seaworld and Parrot Jungle.

I mention this trip, because I remember " Disney characters with wings" sitting with me in the shows and on the rides. As a Jamaican child, the parks I visited in Florida seemed very complicated without an adult to explain the various features. Thus, I remember winged creatures helping me in the three parks (Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld and Parrot Jungle). In the seventies, when I visited Disney World, the Disney characters walked freely in the park, and a child could run up to greet them without waiting on line. At the time, I thought everyone had a character to show them around.

Mickey Mouse shaped theme park

The Walt Disney Tropical area would consist of a Tropical theme park, Tropical water parks, a "Party" -"Birthday" or "Unbirthday"party section, a "Downtown" tropical shopping and restaurant area, hotels as well as a sports area.

Upon entering the Tropical Kingdom park area from the Disney park entrances, visitors can turn off to either the party or shopping area , or continue to the theme park and water park area, where tickets can be purchased to either of the theme park or water park. Trains then take park-goers to a central hub where park-goers embark and enter either the theme or water park.


People mover

It also had a " people mover" (the parks were semi-circular in shape) resembling a wagon wheel, similar to the original concept by Walt Disney. The "people-mover" transported people to different areas of the park. Before boarding the people mover, the rider could choose the size "car" they wanted. The people mover cars actually stopped for the passengers to get on. It then moved. After the cars started moving, the passengers would be asked which character they wanted to come on the ride. After choosing the character, the car stopped at another platform and the character enters the car, then greets the occupants before entering into the "driver's room". The character enters the "driver's room" and leaves the mover. However, the occupants are able to see the back of the driver.

Upon entering the area of the park where the riders chose to go, the people mover goes through a tunnel which shows future projects and gives a preview of the shows and attractions in that section of the park before entering the exit platform. This slows the car down, allowing the passengers in the car ahead enough time to get off.



In addition to the "Its a small World rides", and live shows, I chose two other rides - the roller coaster and the teacup. The slope of the roller coaster changes. What appears as a steep slope at first, gradually increases to a narrow slope, making the roller coaster ride less scary. In the teacup ride, the entire platform actually moves, displaying another shape ride. This allows for continuous movement of the waiting line.

The It's a small world rides actually featured Disney Characters. Thus the park-goer could choose the character, to be displayed for the rides. The ride also provided educational facts about the customs of each section of the world featured.

Disney Parks

Disney Theme Parks
Disney Water Parks
Disney International Parks
Magic Kingdom
Typhoon Lagoon
Walt Disney Studios Paris
Blizzard Beach
Tokyo Disneyland
Holly studio
Tokyo DisneySea
Animal Kingdom
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland (Under Construction)
(Suggested) Disney Tropical Kingdom
(Suggested) Hurricane Lagoon and Tropical Beach Bay
(Suggested) -Disneyland Bahamas (Castaway Cays)

Its a Small World ride

The reason the Disney Tropical them park was so fascinating to me, was because I was show the It's a Small World ride. This ride differs from the current It's a Small World ride, because it actually gives information about different cultures and countries around the world. Thus one It's a Small World ride may feature Liberia(Africa), France(Europe), Canada (North America), Ecuador(South America), India(Asia), the Bahamas, Belize, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands. A commentator would provide information about the countries featured. Thus, the park had several It's a Small World rides. I was excited about this ride, because it gave one the chance to make use of all the courses taken in college.

Let us use Carnival land as an example for a It's a Small World ride. Even though it is a Disney Tropical Kingdom park, there are many It's A Small World ride, which features country from around the globe. The outside rides and attractions will feature a Tropical carnival theme, but the countries featured in the It's A Small Ride, might feature Grenada carnival, Brazil carnival, Irish St. Patrick's day celebration, India's Bollywood, Nigerian carnival. (I would assume that images reflect the kid's carnival).


The parks featured a translating device, to translate shows and instructions in many languages. A computer screen would ask riders to select the desired language and instructions would be given in the language selected.

Downtown Disney Minnie Parade

The Downtown Tropical Disney area featured a Minnie Parade. Thus children who pay to get hair and make-up done, could participate in a make believe parade or carnival.


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