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What's Next For Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz

Updated on February 1, 2015

Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva is back, after they have both taken a hiatus from MMA. It's good news that they are both back in the UFC, as they have many fans from all around the world.

Both Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva both returned to the octagon last night, and what a fight. These two haven't fought for quite sometime, but last night they returned to fight one another. However, it was Diaz who suffered a lost, as the judges scored in Silva's favor. So this leaves two questions, what happens next with Nick Diaz and what happens next with Anderson Silva.

Nick Diaz's Future

Let's face it, Diaz's future may be looking a bit bleak because he did lose the last three of his fights. However. it's important to note that Silva didn't KO, TKO or submit Diaz. The UFC may take this into consideration and put him in another fight, which he will probably need to win or that will be the end of his career in the UFC. As for who Diaz could take on next, that's a tough one to call. We personally think Diaz deserves another fight, as he has proven that he is a good fighter who can stand in the octagon with the best of them.

Anderson Silva's Future

We think Silva has a great future ahead of himself and possibly even another title fight in the near future. He held the UFC Middleweight title for a longtime before being defeated by Chris Weidman. However, don't expect Silva's next match to be against Weidman because Weidman has a title bout coming up in the future, therefore the chances are Silva will have another match, and if he wins the fight, then he could be going for the UFC Middleweight Title. Silva proved that he still has what it takes, and we look forward to seeing him fight again, and we believe he will be getting another title shot at some point in 2015.

Should Diaz Continue Fighting In The UFC

Diaz should definitely continue fighting and he has what it takes to make a good comeback and even become the welterweight champion or middleweight champion, if he chooses to fight in the middleweight division. We don't know for sure what he will do next, but we would like to see him continue competing and would like to see him get a title shot at the welterweight champion or even the middleweight champ, but only time will tell whether or not that will happen.


The fight between Diaz and Silva was awesome and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of these fighters. We are confident that both fighters will go on and continue their legendary MMA careers and we wouldn't mind seeing Silva vs Weidman for the third time because we believe that Silva would show up and be better than ever before, which could spell bad news for Weidman, but then again, Weidman has defeated Silva on two occasions and he is capable of doing it a third time. Only time will tell what will happen with Diaz, Silva and even Weidman.


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