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What's Next For Liverpool ?

Updated on March 2, 2018
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Josh is 18 years old and has recently discovered a passion for writing. He is writing everyday and improving himself. He aims to continue.

Before we dive into this popular topic I'll start by saying this is the opinion of a Liverpool fan so some opinions may be a little biased towards them. However, I am honest about the team and never over sell how good they are so this won't be one of those articles that are just one sided.

Long story short, trophies will be coming to Liverpool in the next few seasons. Maybe even next season. Klopp is clearly building a side that can compete with the elites. The performance against teams like City showed just how good they can really be. If he can get the team playing consistently and grinding out the scrappy games then they can really think about bring a premier league title home.

Klopp didn't come to Liverpool to just take top 4 every season. He wants trophies. Every player he has signed has strengthened the squad massively. All the signings are all here to win the club trophies.

Klopp is clearly building a side that can compete with the elites.

Trophies next season ?

I really believe Liverpool could win a trophy next season. This doesn't mean that I think they will win the Premier League just yet. I still think they need to make a few more signings to complete the squad. But, I do think they can win a trophy like the F.A cup if they choose to play a strong squad for the tournament.

The team is strong enough right now to compete with any team in the world. However, they need depth within the whole squad in order to compete for the top trophies. You can't always rely on your top players to be fit so you need players who can fill that role when needed. Liverpool are massively improving depth each window. They have a lot of solid options in most positions. This is what leads me to believe they can really win at least 1 trophy next season.

With the summer transfer getting closer, Klopp will be making some signings to continue growing the squad. This summer transfer window will allow Klopp to fully strengthen the squad how he wants, especially how good Liverpool are becoming once again. I have no doubt players are itching to sign for the club now.

If you was to choose 1 position for Liverpool to improve I'm sure most people would say goalkeeper. I agree. Although Karius is starting to show his talent I still think they need to sign a world class keeper. They are linked with Roma goalkeeper and Brazils number one choice, Allison. I haven't seen much of this keeper but I have heard a lot of good things. He must be a good keeper if he's keeping Ederson out of the Brazil number 1 role.

I would love to see Klopp put the trust in Karius and allow him time to develop, but the need for trophies might push Klopp to make the signing of Allison.

I have no doubt players are itching to sign for the club now.

Liverpool After 28 Games - Past 3 Seasons.

57 Points
55 Points
44 Points
2nd Place
4th Place
7th Place

Building For Present or Future ?

This is the biggest question everyone always has about Liverpool. It always appears they are just setting up for a title in the 'next few years'. But this current squad is different. It's a perfect mix of both. The current squad is still very young, but they all seem so mature with their style of football. They all look like they have been playing at top level for most of their lives. That's all credit to the manager and his coaches.

The squad is certainly being built to last the test time. It isn't a squad that will need replacing in the coming seasons. Most of the players still haven't hit their prime yet. It's great to see these young players improve each game and constantly showing why they should be playing at the top level. Player like Alexander-Arnold are a prime example of a player who Klopp has matured and turned into a real rising star in a position he never would have thought he would be playing. He started as a winger when coming to the first team but clearly Klopp had seen potential in him to play him in defense. Now he is considered their first choice, which could change when Clyne returns.

The under 18 lads are doing great. Sitting second place in the table with a game in hand and only 4 points from the top. Steven Gerrard is clearly having a great effect on them and I'm sure Klopp has plans for Gerrard to take his place in the future. With the under 18's providing great players it's proof Liverpool have it planned out. They are back to reclaim the glory days. They are performing on all levels once again and they are almost ready to start taking the trophies home.

The under 23's are sitting top of the table with a game in hand which could put them 3 points ahead. Players in this squad are players that could be almost ready to be playing in the first team. Winning the under 23 league title would be a great start to show they have the young lads performing as well as the first team lads.

They are back to reclaim the glory days.

The Klopp effect

One thing I have learnt from Klopp, even back in the Dortmund days, it's that he wears his heart on his sleeve and bleeds the club he manages. He has so much passion for football. He seems complete at Liverpool, as if he's belonged there this whole time.

His passion is clearly what keeps the squad going. He gives them the passion for every game. There isn't a single Liverpool player who doesn't look like they love the club. Those who think they are too big for the club or those who are not happy and don't want to contribute, are sold as soon as Klopp feels the time is right.

Klopp has built a team that entertains football fans all around the world, and he has created an atmosphere around Liverpool that had been missing the past few years. They believe again. They love the club again. They look like they are enjoying being a team.

Players are starting to realize this now. They are starting to realize money is not the key goal. That's why Klopp has been attracting the big stars, like Salah, Van Dijk and Kieta. It's great to see Liverpool back to how it used to be.

It's all down to the Klopp effect!

Is Klopp the right man for Liverpool ?

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