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Best Martial Arts for street fighting.

Updated on November 18, 2013


Most ancient martial arts were not designed for any individual in particular to prove their skill and machoizm. Most martial arts have a history behind them therefore very cultural. Practitioners of martial arts at a decent level respect this culture and keep everything they have learned within the premises of the school or facility.

However some people would like to take their skills elsewhere for self defense reasons. Most martial arts can be adopted for street fighting but all have there strengths and weakness, which is why people may choose a martial which they feel can protect them in most situations.

Some martial arts can prove effective in real life situations after minimal training, whereas other take much longer time to master before any practical application.

The Arts

1. Karate - A good all around martial art with equal attack and defense. Pad and bag work can be used to develop power for practical use. Not very flexible in movement, very fixed positions can be predictable to an opponent.

2. Taekwondo - A martial art focusing mainly on kicks. Good if you can knock out an opponent at a distance with a single kick, but if it comes to a dual kicks can be very impractical for a street fight.

3. Aikido - A passive martial art, countering and using your opponents attacks to obtain submission holds and throws. A very very effective martial art on the street but only once you have training to a higher level. It could take 4-5 years to be at a standard to use in real life.

4. Kung-fu - Although there are numerous styles of Kung-fu, the style which is most frequently seen in old movies is the "Wing Chun" style. Wing Chun is an extremely close quarters fighting style were the fighters rarely move from one fixed position. Attacks are mainly hand strikes in rapid progression with very little power in most cases. No matter how many years of studying, this type of kung fu is very impractical for street fighting unless you are highly skilled.

5. Mixed Martial Arts (Sogo Kakutogi) - As the name states, is a mix of all styles however it is the grappling which makes it stand out a little from the rest. Grappling skills are essential for any type of street fighting. No matter how good your standing strikes are, if you have limited grappling skills you will lose a fight if it gets taken to the ground or if you lose balance. Muscle and strength will not benefit you much if you are up against a good grappler. If fact you will waste a lot of energy trying to escape.


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    • Michael Smathers profile image

      Michael Smathers 5 years ago from LaGrange, GA

      I have to respectfully disagree with the premise of this piece. There is no 'best art' for fighting. It's all about how it's taught. If you go to a 'krotty' McDojo that pretty much gives you the next belt after you learn a kata or two and then pay $50 or so, you're not going to do too well.

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 7 years ago from Japan

      I don't know too much about Arnis, but looks interesting.

    • arnis boy profile image

      arnis boy 7 years ago

      Arnis is very good in street fighting?Because you learned how to defend knives,blades,and pistol disarming.And you learnd how to use sticks,knives,and the empty hand combat.Empty hand focus on stiking,joint locks,throwing,and grappling techniques like other martial arts like aikido,jujitsu,judo,and silat.

    • profile image

      Hiphop Production Training Course 7 years ago

      Ninjitsu is a very good martial art fighting style to use as they were taught to assassinate with their hand to hand combat.. They were masters of pressure points, body mechanics and human anatomy. We strike to immobilize the opponent. Tae Kwon Do isn't just the art of kicking. It's the art of kicking and punching.. in competitions (sport fighting) it's glorified for its kicks. In street combat a good martial arts expert can really do some damage as we throw low kicks to make opponents bend to block exposing their face to elbows and fists. Or we break knees and ankles if they decided to absorb the blows. Another great style is Thai Boxing (Kick Boxing) Limps and body are built for abuse. Getting hit with kicks and bows are similar to getting hit with bats. People that are in this style of arts don't feel a lot of pain as their nerves are deadened. I don't mean this American Kick boxing junk either I mean the real stuff