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Winning My First Fantasy Basketball Title, and The Controversy that Came With It.

Updated on May 7, 2013

Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy sports are a fun way of enhancing and enjoying sports. The option of playing fantasy sports gives both die-hard and casual sports fans a way to feel connected with whatever individual fantasy sport they're participating in.

Fantasy sport participants take part in fantasy sports for various reasons. Some play for the competition of beating their peers. Others play to win prizes and or money, while others participate in order to get people constantly asking them to play off of their backs. I'll attest that I play for a combination of all the aforementioned reasons.

Everyone that knows me well is most likely familiar with my enthusiasm for fantasy sports. I literally take place in them year round. I first got my start by playing fantasy football in 2006. From there, I've become a fantasy sports gamer in basketball, baseball, and college football. It's safe to say that I consider myself a true fantasy sports fan.

The most recent fantasy sports endeavor that ended for me was the fantasy NBA season. Now I'm sure that anyone who reads this knows that there is a reason for me writing on this subject. Well unfortunately, I won't tell you right this moment. However, if you're willing to invest a few extra minutes into reading this article, you'll find out exactly why.

Brief History of Me Playing Fantasy Sports.

Now that we know that there's a reason for my writing on this recent fantasy sports endeavor, I guess I'll give you all a brief history on my involvement with fantasy sports in general. As I mentioned earlier, it all began for me in the fall of 2006. I joined a fantasy football league that was being hosted by a message board that I used to post on. Not understanding initially how fantasy football worked, I didn't realistically believe I could win it all.

Upon getting a feel for how the league and rules worked, I found myself becoming highly involved in the league. Back then I was in college, and studying up on football stats, player trends, and injuries took the front seat to actually studying for college. Looking back at that now, I'm embarrassed to even say that. At any rate, it didn't stop me from finishing school, so I guess you can say my involvement didn't deter me too much.

I didn't win the fantasy championship that year, but I did come awfully close to doing so. That marked the turning point of where the madness for me began in regards to fantasy sports. Since that time, I've participated in fantasy sports at some level every year since then. I was lucky enough to win a fantasy football championship in 2008, and I've come close to winning in several basketball, baseball, and college football pick em leagues.

2012 Fantasy Basketball.

I joined another fantasy basketball league when the 2012 NBA season started. The league that I joined is a league that I'm familiar with, as it consists of a number of participants that are apart of another message board that I seldom participate on these days. Even though most of us don't know each other personally, we've been playing together for several years now. I guess you can consider it a virtual sports family.

I never go into a fantasy basketball season believing that I will win it all. Quite frankly, winning a fantasy championship on any level takes a lot of luck, and a fantasy basketball season is way more rigorous than playing fantasy football. Unlike playing fantasy football, you have to update your fantasy basketball lineup on a daily basis. Also, an NBA season obviously lasts a lot longer than a football season. Therefore, more effort is required when playing fantasy basketball. Besides finishing second in a league I played in 2007, I haven't had a lot of luck with fantasy basketball.

For the 2012-2013 season, I stayed active updating my lineup weekly - which is something that I was guilty of not doing at times in the past. Upon coming down the final stretch of the basketball season, I easily clinched a fantasy playoff birth based off of my regular season record. I was the number 4 seeded fantasy team headed into the playoffs. Ah yes the playoffs, where things really get interesting. They really got interested this time around.

Fantasy Basketball Playoffs.

After narrowly advancing past the first two rounds of the fantasy playoffs, I found myself in the championship round. Since I've sucked something terribly while playing fantasy basketball in recent years, that alone was an accomplishment in my eyes.

Now in case I haven't mentioned it, fantasy sports is a game of pure luck for the most part. Wait a sec; I did mention that. Oh well, it can be stated enough - it's mostly based solely on luck. Besides choosing which players to start, you have no control over the outcome of things. This is why I feel it's important to not take any type of fantasy sports too seriously - which it seems that some people have a hard time doing.

Back to the topic at hand, so my fantasy team made it to the finals this year. I was playing against someone that I wasn't familiar with. I never recalled seeing him playing in past leagues, and looking back at it now, I'm glad that I never played with him before. I know you're already wonder why. I'll get to why in a few.

So as the week of the championship came to an end, it was looking as if this guy's team was going to beat mine. However, I noticed something throughout the week that struck me; this guy was talking a lot of smack. Now smack talk in fantasy sports in normal, and often in good fun. However, this guy seemed to be taking his smack talking to another level. I think most of you can already see where this is going.

I'm one of those kinds of people that doesn't like to talk much smack. However, if I do happen to, I make sure I do it after I win. Definitely don't wanna end up with a poker face later on. Since it was appearing that I was headed towards a second place finish, I messaged him and told him congratulations on winning. I definitely got too far ahead of myself, but this guy honestly didn't even deserve that much.

Winning My First Fantasy Basketball Championship.

Sundays normally mark the final day of a fantasy basketball week, and the new week begins on Mondays. When that Sunday ended, he had a lead on me - which is why I felt like I was going to lose. Oddly enough, I received a message from the league commissioner that following Tuesday. To my surprise, he told me that there were two more days left in the season. This came as a shocker to me.

He told me to update my lineup for the next two days, and who knows what could happen. I immediately checked my team, and I had noticed that the fantasy season was ending on the final day of the NBA season. So to sum it up, I had lost points on that Monday when I didn't update my lineup. I skipped updating because I thought the season ended that Sunday. What a mistake on my part.

I updated my lineup asap, and hoped for the best the next two days. Lo and behold, the season ended with my fantasy team taking home the championship. I guess I owe credit to the commissioner that chose to send the e-mail telling me that there were a few days left. Now since I was the winner, there had to be a loser right? Boy I tell ya, he wasn't too happy.

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It's Really Not That Serious.

Remember me telling you all that I don't talk until I win? Well upon winning, I told my opponent that this is why you shouldn't talk until everything is over and done. Boy did that strike a nerve. Upon seeing me receiving congratulations from the other members for winning the championship, this guy had the nerve to attack us all. He even sent me two e-mails that resorted to taking low blows at me. Is it really that serious?

Fantasy sports are called fantasy sports for a reason. It's a fantasy, which means that no one should take them too personally. The fact that this guy got so angry at losing says a lot about his character in my opinion. There wasn't even any money nor prizes on he line. His tirade against me and the other members brought himself a ticket; at ticket to never being invited to play in our league again.

I'm still basking in my fantasy championship glory, but I'm reminded that it's not real. There are no lessons to be learned from this article, but if there was one it would be not to take fantasy sports too serious. Keep it fun and take it for what it really is, a fantasy. Thanks for reading.


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    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @hawaiianodysseus, Thank you so much good sir for taking out the time to read. I really really appreciate it. You're one of the few people that actually takes out the time to check out my hubs, and I thank you greatly for that. I think you should join a fantasy league sometime. They definitely put an interesting twist on sports. I really enjoy looking at the stats, trends, and making decisions based on what I see. It almost makes you feel like a coach or general manager.

      I don't quite know what the guy who lost deal was. I guess he felt like he had it in the bag. Like you, I feel that light smack talk is totally fine. I guess since he was a new comer, he didn't understand that we don't normally take fantasy sports in this particular league too seriously. I never thought about it, but I think you're right. He never built that core level of understanding with the rest of us. Can definitely do without someone who resorts to the attacks he made.

      Thanks again for the always kind and amazing words sir. I appreciate it so much. All the best!

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Hey, Brad! Way to go, man! Awesome! You know, I have never played in a fantasy league, but that doesn't mean that I never will. I'm just so busy doing the eBay thing, writing for HP, and taking care of the family, chores, etc. But I applaud any venture where adult men can connect in a socially acceptable way. Also, I think it's very healthy to engage in activities that challenge our thinking, and it sounds like fantasy NFL or NBA, etc., provides that challenge in the form of keeping statistics, staying abreast of current events, and strategizing which athletes should be on the first team on any given night. So I support you in that respect and say, "All power to you!"

      But this was psychologically intriguing to me--the dynamics of what made this man such a sore loser. And then it dawned on me. If it's true that we are what we eat, then it might also be true that we act like we talk smack. There's talking smack that's understandably just friendly, caveman camaraderie, good-natured ribbing that has a fine balance between aggravating and pushing someone to do better. Personally, I like giving and receiving smack talk that motivates. The main thing is that everyone still has a very good understanding of each other's as well as their own tolerance level. Sounds like the difference for this guy was that he never built a core connection with the rest of you, Brad, the kind that says, "Bottom line, I'm in for the duration...I'll therefore take what I dish out. It's all in good fun!" Most guys understand that, and that's why most guys don't end up in the headlines for having committed something heinous. I wish this guy well, but you and your fantasy sports group are wise for banning him from future play.

      Good for you for writing about something that reminds us all about the virtue of good sportsmanship. It applies both on and off the field. Take care, my friend, and I'll see you at the next hub! Great job!


    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @Alphadogg16, Thanks a lot my man. Yea I recall you mentioning how much liked you like fantasy sports during the football season. Speaking of which, how did you finish in fantasy football last year. Anyway, yea it was great to taste victory finally in fantasy basketball, but it was overshadowed by the jerk that couldn't handle losing. Oh well, good luck to him lol. Thanks for reading bro.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Nice Hub Prospect boy......Im a big fantasy buff as well.....Im always dominate in football, winning several Championships....but have yet to taste that victory wine in Basketball or Baseball. My best finish in basketball this year was 4th place.


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