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When They Said We Wont Give It Back

Updated on March 26, 2015

Australia winning the series

Border-Gavaskar Trophy

Team India arrived in Australia 4 months before the world cup, the idea was to adjust according to the conditions which would help the men in blue during the world cup. On the contrary, during the whole summer team India could not win a single game against the hosts. No doubt there were some brilliant moments when Virat Kohli show cased his batting skills at Adelaide and continued his historic run throughout the test series. However he was a little off color during the one day internationals. Unfortunately the results were not pleasing for the Indian side as they were thrashed by the Aussies both in tests and one day internationals.


With extreme arrogance and pride Indians kicked off their world cup advertisement. It was done to spice things up, to create the hype for the tournament. Every sport playing nation backs their team before the big tournaments and start playing mind games. India brought their leading players who took part in this campaign with attitude running high. Indians as usual were making all the noises which an overconfident side does. It felt like deep down they were worried that if they can pull it off or not. This campaign was designed in a way that it showed things are all rosy for the Indian team.

Pakistani guy in mauka mauka ad campaign


Star TV network which had the rights to broadcast the world cup 2015 matches started this campaign to back team India. It all started before the India Pakistan clash at Adelaide. The ad showcases the story of a Pakistani guy who wants his team to beat India as Pakistan has never beaten India in the world cup cricket. That commercial became very popular among the fans as it crossed over 3 million views on YouTube. In Pakistan fan responded very aggressively as it provoked their sentiments. Pakistani’s replied and responded to it belligerently as social media was flooded with negative comments, which I believe was the right way.

India Thrashed By Australia in the Semifinal

Australia had set the highest target in any world cup semi-final, India were to chase 329 to qualify. India started the chase with the promising opening stand. Shikhar Dhawan was scoring quite freely before he got out. Next to go was Virat Kohli on 1. Soon after wickets kept falling after small intervals while MS. Dhoni was fighting the lost battle. Aussies wrapped up the game in 47th over to book their place in the world cup final. Indians having lost to Australia wouldn’t have been such a big deal had they not been that arrogant. Fans here in Pakistan were not as sad when Pakistan was knocked out as they were relieved to see India go home.

End of Campaign

India lost to a superior and much professional team. What is missing in Indian cricket is probably professionalism. India must put an end to this hero culture or the myth that they have developed, they need to realize a fact that like all the other professional players Indian cricket players are no exception. The way Virat kohli behaves on the field shows his immaturity as a cricketer and as a professional. There is no point comparing him with Sachin as he was a pure gentleman on and off the field. The sooner he realizes the better it would be for Indian cricket. On the contrary Rahane is another extreme who unlike egoistic Virat lacks self belief and confidence. I belief that this team would probably play the next world cup, all they have to do is to change their mindset and that can lead them to major success.

Time to Burst the Firecrackers

Pakistani’s were jubilant on Indian defeat because of all the campaigns which were designed against the Pakistani team. Pakistani’s were on streets enjoying the defeat of their arch rivals. India’s #MaukaMauka campaign back fired liked their #AneDOH campaign which was designed back in Nov-Dec 2013 when Pakistan toured India for the bilateral series. India trolled every cricket playing nation but after their semi-final exit it was the payback time.


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