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When To Use Extreme Self Defense Techniques

Updated on November 1, 2011

When it comes to your personal protection and the protection of your loved ones there are no rules. That being said there are laws in place in every state that limit what a person can legally do in ‘self defense.’ These laws often including limits on how much force you can use and what the attacker has to do to you in order to warrant extreme self defense.

The problem is when your life is at risk or you are protecting a wife or child these laws mean very little. It is during these times that extreme self defense is necessary.

What is Extreme Self Defense?

There are two kinds of self defense situations you may encounter in life. There are situations where you have to defend yourself from someone who just wants to fight you, and the other type where the attacker wants to do you real harm (kill, kidnap, or otherwise injure you or a loved one).

Distinguishing between the two can be quite difficult in today’s world. The days of good clean bar room fights are long since over. Today when you enter a fight you never know if the other guy is going to pull out a knife or other weapon and force you to use extreme self defense.

In general though you often know what kind of situation you are in. For example, If some dude has just blown his top and just wants a punching bag to release his anger, this is a normal self defense situation. He doesn’t want to kill you, he just wants to throw a few punches and you are the lucky recipient of his anger.

I am not suggesting that this is not a serious situation any fight is potentially life threatening. You have every right to use strong force against him and put him on the ground. In fact this is exactly what you should do. However you are not going to use potentially lethal ‘extreme self defense’ moves on a guy like that. This will only get you in trouble.

Extreme self defense is another story. If you are in a situation where an attacker has a deadly weapon, or you are getting jumped, mugged, or find yourself in some other violent situation where you life is seriously at risk the rules change (in fact they become non-existent). This is a situation which I would call an extreme self defense situation.

If you find yourself in an extreme self defense scenario it is your primary job to ensure that you and your loved ones leave the situation alive and with as little injury as possible. That means you should have no regard for the safety or well being of your attacker (he after all has no regard for yours).

In these kinds of situation all your strikes should target vulnerable parts of the body such as the eyes, neck throat, and of course the head (something you should be doing anyways). You should not hesitate to picking up an improvised weapon to use for extreme self defense. In short, anything goes.

One excellent tool which is often ignored in fighting because of its unsavory nature is biting. In an extreme self defense situation, especially if you have been put in a head lock or being held in any other way, biting can be the best tool for the job. The human jaws are incredibly strong. I’m not talking about nibbling at the person either. When I say biting I mean like you are trying to bite through a tough piece of meat. Yeah this is the unsavory part. It’s not a pleasant thought but it works incredibly well.

For example in an extreme self defense situation where you have been put in a head lock simply turn your head into your attackers body wrap your arms around their torso pulling them closer and take a nice bit bite. Clench down as hard as you can and thrash your head around. The attacker will let go I can almost guarantee it. You can’t tough out a severe bit. Nobody is going to sit there and hold onto you while you bit out a piece of their side.

Okay enough with the biting stuff I know it’s not exactly a pleasant thought, but it can save your life in an extreme self defense situation. This is an especially good move to teach a wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Women are much more easily overpowered and put into a submission hold, headlock, etc. For guys you hope that you never get in that close, but for a woman it is much more likely that if she can’t run away she will be held in some way. The good news is that although women on average have less upper body strength than men they can bite just as hard.

A nasty bite from a woman can easily level the playing field with a larger much stronger attacker. Tell a friend about this because you never know when it could save a life.

I you want to learn more brutally effective ways to end a fight quickly or save your skin in an extreme self defense situation check out or my blog at

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce



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