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Where Do the Famous Hike and Bike in the Hollywood Hills?

Updated on February 21, 2011

Okay. Going to Hollywood to become a famous celeb has been and will always be an iconic thing to do. Ever since the 1920s. Millions come, give it their best shot, fail, go home or stay around. Some actually do make it. Clint Eastwood comes to mind, he was just a carpenter around movie sets. Maybe you are trying the unorthodox to try to meet a movie star, maybe make your pitch, get discovered, whamo! Famous! Hey, weird things happen in Hollywood.

As you may not know, movie stars are human. They are like everyone else in most ways and many love to exercise, work out, sweat, to be healthy. Like many, some would rather take their bike on a trail or run along a trail-outdoors, than inside on a treadmill. But, if your plan is to meet one, ask for an autograph, or try to pitch your script to them, then the following are frequented by many movie stars.

A few blocks above Hollywood Boulevard is Runyon Canyon Park. Seems to be a fav of Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and others. A total of 90 acres is open to dogs off leash, the balance is hiking and biking trails. From the top, the vista views of the city below is well worth the sweat. Set your GPS to: 2000 North Fuller Ave.

One of the biggest parks in the L.A. area is Griffith Park, which comprises of 4200 acres and is east of Runyon Park. From the trail entrance at Fern Dell Drive, the 2.5 mile hike will take you to the iconic observatory and its 75 yr. old dome. At 2333 Fern Dell is the Trail's Cafe, which has become a hangout for some famous and not so famous. Usually it is pit stop before or after the hike. Because of its immensity, hikers will encounter animals not seen much in the LA area, like wild coyotes, deer, maybe a bear. Set you GPS to: 4730 Crystal Springs Drive.

Remember all the famous photos with the Hollywood sign in them, that is Bronson Park. It is SW of Griffith Park, and is where the 1960s TV show, Batman, was filmed. Since most want to hike to the Hollywood sign, drive up Bronson Ave. and off Franklin Ave, which will turn into Canyon drive until it ends at a parking lot. The hike is short. Or, you can reach it from the adjacent Beachwood Canyon. This is a three mile hike round trip and you will be above the sign from the rear. The view is magnificent of LA, Lake Hollywood and Griffith Observatory. Set your GPS to: 2333 Fern Dell Drive.

Meeting movie stars can happen anywhere. Check out the famous Rodeo Drive, a lot of famous people shop only there, or Runyon Park, as mentioned before. But be prepared in what you are going to say when all of a sudden a star is approaching. Don't stutter. Don't freeze and let the moment go by.

Just nod and say, "how's it going".... They'll probably mumble, "fine". Duh!


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