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Where are the real Superheroes in Sport?

Updated on February 12, 2013
Will the real sporting heroes please stand up?
Will the real sporting heroes please stand up?

As a society we have accepted many home truths about superheroes.

Superman doesn’t catch us when we fall, remove people from falling towers or stop trains derailing.

We have even lost faith in a philanthropist as great as Batman to invest his time, resources and energy to save our Gotham City.

We realise Spiderman bitten by a radioactive spider would most likely be shedding skin, losing his mind and incapacitated to act for Justice.

Don’t make us lose our other tangible superheroes.

Sporting legends have been synonymous with superheroes or even gods as a result we have made many concessions; we tolerate your lack of respect for women, your assault on the definition of masculinity and poor behavior in general… remind us why?

Never mind I will.

Sport served a purpose

We loved watching our next car roll of the factory floor with no tweaks hit the race track and see it’s durability explored honestly, to cheer our lungs out when it won. We enjoyed watching the muddy winter sports, cheering on the athletic ability in all conditions amazed at the abilities showcased. We chill out to it as a family, bonding together and celebrating. We enjoy watching sport because it amazes us to watch the best athletes perform at their best ability.

We don’t watch sport to try to work out whose clean, who is really trying to win, or who in the crowd is the organised crime members enforcing the under the table financial contributions.

Sport was about or should be about developing champions who respect their bodies and others. Inspiring young children to be as great them, getting them off the couch. It even affects the academic interests, some children follow the statistics of their favourite sporting stars, improving their math skills.

There are some really great things about sport, it rallies a nation, and you know it is taken seriously when riots erupt in other countries and even ours over soccer. It gives us a commonality of small talk to discuss helping us get to know our colleagues and neighbours better.

We even use Sport to pay respect to our ANZAC’s, in all honesty can you say it does? Corruption has defiled everything the diggers stood and died for.

There are awards for sport, one of my favourite for is sportsman like behavior. It’s wished this extended to off the field as well.

Can we add a Superhero award? Who will win this one? Who would be proud to receive it?

Come on let’s get real when Sport isn’t even good for Athletes; We draw the line

We are finicky and have terribly low standards but there it is. Let’s lift the game and the standard of acceptable behaviour.

Sporting stars are everywhere from advertising selling sporting equipment, nutritional supplements even being motivational speakers, are they just good liars or are there some true Superheroes left in Sport?

Where are those who will stand up against corruption? Turn back the tide bringing the competition back to an honest athletic ability. Let’s celebrate honesty, hard work and all those values as Australian’s we hold valuable. Let’s really cheer for the underdog, not the fixed losers throwing games.

Sport needs a superhero. This corruption shames everything any honest hard working athlete has trained for.

At the moment the Governor’s General Office has shined up its superhero suit, and we salute their efforts. It is hoped this will create lasting changes for good which will impact the rest of the community. As it is evident the corruption has.

Lead the way, put on your capes be the superheroes we have just taken for granted and given credit when it wasn’t deserved.

If you want to make sport a freakshow circus act, advertise it as such so we can give it due respect and financing.

There is a pressure to succeed to perform better to be the best. Yeah there is. Don’t think this is unique to athletes though. It isn’t. Every person working to achieve something, works for somebody, is in a position of responsibility or public eye experiences this. Don’t. Use. This. Cop. Out.

As an Athlete we appreciate, there is a time limit clocking your career more harshly than any other. This corruption only speeds the clock.

It is earth shattering enough as your pedestals start to crumble with so many forms of corruption brought finally and authoritatively in to the public realm.

In order to close the divide so the children would still be able to join and be drafted to the professional leagues were you going to start spiking little ath's drinks? Or you hadn't really thought of the sustainability of "super-athletes"?

Do you realise these bad habits are filtering to local lesser-professional clubs across the nation anyway, exposing children to your corruption whether or not it was your intention. It is happening. They just don't have the money to use scientist to create super-drugs so they just use street drugs.

Bring back the Superheroes in Sport.

Superheroes traditionally stand for what’s right for justice and for honour. Fight corruption in all forms to bring about freedom, hope and greatness to Sport.

No doubt the pressure to succeed to do better, to be the best is enormous. It would be more edifying to be the best athlete to bring about healthy competition with great team dynamics.

If you play sport by the back-room, illict-market and soul-destroying deals, you have already lost before you’ve been found out, brought to the public scrutiny and received criminal charges. You have lost yourself and lied to those you love; it is a really stressful predicament to put yourself in. I urge you to take responsibility for your actions for this is a mark of real sporting hero. Real sportspeople are able to say they were wrong, to say sorry and be honest.

Stop trying to trick us, return Sport to the game you have been playing.

Let the healthy, unadulterated, hard working athletes have their ticket tape parades.

There is a long hard road ahead, and I am truly shattered this will affect so many people, not only those who are corrupt but those who love them, respect them, defended them, and supported them.

There has been a massive breach of trust to come to terms with here. In the following weeks, months and years it will be scrutinized. Let’s take this as an opportunity to overhaul the culture of sport. To not expect men to be gods. Let’s get some integrity back it is being lost with every passing second.

Will the real superheroes please stand up?


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