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Where Can You Buy a Ninja Star

Updated on June 4, 2013

Ninja Stars

Ninja Stars

Ninja Stars (otherwise known as the Shruiken or throwing stars) have been around for a very long time. Ninja stars were an ancient Japanese weapon. Throwing stars are also incredibly dangerous and banned in lots of places - you should check if they are in your country/state. I know in the U.S.A they are banned in New York and some other places so you should check before you get one!

However Ninja Stars can if used correctly be part of a martial arts program and they are awesome too! I recommend the rubber ninja stars as you can still use them and practice and they are just as awesome and ninjary!

Best Value Ninja Star - Less than 1 Dollar

TMAS Ninja Rubber Stars, 4 Points
TMAS Ninja Rubber Stars, 4 Points

If you just want a ninja star because they are cool this is the best! Cheap, fun and not lethal but just as awesome as a steel ninja star!


Where to buy Rubber Ninja Stars

Surprisingly it is reasonably easy to buy rubber ninja stars and I would recommend you just buy a rubber one for now!

You can buy rubber ninja stars direct from Amazon and that is where I recommend you buy one otherwise you may end up with an incredibly dangerous item that is not allowed where you live!

To the right and underneath are some ninja stars you can buy!

Do you want a Ninja Star?

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How to Throw a Ninja Star

Now you have your ninja star you may want to learn how to throw it properly! Below is a video showing you how to throw your throwing star which is pretty good and will help a lot. 

How to Throw a Ninja Star

Buy your Throwing Star or Shuriken

Buy your shuriken now and get practising and learn how to throw a ninja star.  Maybe one day you will become a master ninja and that would be cool!


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