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Where to Camp in Musandam Khassab

Updated on May 22, 2017

Camping is an activity that is so much fun to follow. However, camping done in the mountains or Highlands. And this would be very different follow Khasab camping tour; this tour will be very fun is located at the edge of the beach with a unique atmosphere.

Camping located in the coastal area that is somewhat secluded peninsula Musandam, Oman. Khasab camping tour is not just enjoyed camping on the coast of happy but also combined with a quality of activities during the day are no less exciting.

When camping is done at night, then other activities was established in the morning around 9 am, or 10 am. This tour is the trip sailing down the sea of Khor Al Shem along by using traditional dhow Oman that provide comfort to tourist.

Many of the amenities provided in dhow is a padded cushion for sitting and luxurious carpets coupled with several servings of beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drink and mineral water as well as fresh fruits such as oranges, bananas, and apples. It is presented during excursions so that my body was still clean in the middle of the hot weather.

My goal was achieved whatsoever because I can see a flock of dolphins are cute and they swim freely and so close to the dhow that I ride. Some tourists brought his son to travel, and the boy is euphoric to skip.

Until during the day, we climb the dhow anchored in the Telegraph Island.When it comes to here, then tourists will be involved with a variety of water activities like snorkeling and swimming. For snorkeling, all the equipment had already been provided, and visitors may have satisfied with the beauty of the sea bottom full of dazzling coral reefs.

No matter if it is not to swim too advanced then can use a buoy which already supplied as well. After doing water activities and our bodies were wet, and then the staff will give you a towel to dry the body. Lunch will be served buffet style with dhow above and serves Asian food so delicious and uploading my appetite.

Completed the adventure on the Telegraph Island, then travel we continued to the fishing village. The atmosphere of this village is so peaceful and comfortable. The beauty that offered at this place also is highly unusual and not less than the previous place.

The territory included in the fishing village is Nadifi. It says the fishing village because the village inhabited by the majority of people who have a profession as a fisherman. On this island, you can also see the various activities of the fishermen directly.

Khasab camping tour is exciting, isn't it? When time in the afternoon, tourists escorted back to the campsites is located at the edge of the beach. Here I can rest in a tent that you have prepared.

No need to worry about dinner, because tour organizers make dinner with an excellent BBQ by presenting as dinner, and of course the BBQ would fit in anyone's tongue. The activities of Khasab camping tour in the evening is a campfire. With a bonfire, the atmosphere becomes warmer.

A romantic atmosphere at night with stars and accompanied with family and dear ones make Khasab camping tour is becoming more and more complete.
And in the morning when the Khasab camping trip it will be finished, and we treated with an add enough breakfast our energy in the morning.

As for the facilities obtained in Khasab camping too are as follows:

  • Tents, mattresses, blankets and pillows are comfortable to sleep in the camp
  • Music system, dining table, and chairs
  • Wood for bonfires and electric
  • Basic toilet and fresh water for bath
  • BBQ dinner, lunch buffet food oriental in dhow, breakfast
  • Cereal in the form of drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drink, juice and mineral water in the provider all the way to sail.
  • Fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas any time served throughout the sailing trips
  • If tourists want means sports such as badminton, football, soccer, volley, cheese and playing cards, then it can be adapted to the demand and charge.

That's around Khasab camping tour that paints a sensation different from camping more. It would be better if you follow the Khasab camping tour along with the people closest to you as couples, families or friends.


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