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Where to Plan Your Next Fishing Adventure

Updated on June 19, 2013

Intended for fresh water river fishing trips.

Whether fishing trips are what you live for, or you're eager to drop a line in at a great fishing spot for your first time, planning a big fishing getaway is no minor endeavor. Unless you're fortunate enough to have your own cabin on a lake or river somewhere, if you really want to make it a memorial trip, you should start planning at least several months in advance. Anyone that's fished knows that this sport requires a great deal of patience, and if you're goal is to reserve accommodations near a popular fishing location, patience is something you'll need a lot of long before you even get out there with your rod and reel, as unless you're on a tight budget, and planning to merely pitch a tent to sleep in, resorts, outposts, and charter boats in popular fishing areas can oftentimes be booked for several months in advance.

My recommendation is to research accommodations at least three months prior to your trip. That way you know the rentals near the most desirable fishing locations will likely still be up for grabs. While you can still have a good time in a less desirable fishing area, let's face it, a fishing trip is about catching fish. While the sight-seeing, bonding, and relaxation are obviously all added bonuses, if a trip you'll never forget is what you desire, you'll want to be someplace where the fishing is good. If it's not, about the only thing you'll be remembering for life is that you dropped a small fortune to get skunked at doing what you actually went there for. And nobody obviously wants that to be the highlight of their trip.

So how do you safeguard yourself from coming home empty handed when even good fishing locations can be highly unpredictable. My advise is to rent an outpost without the fly-in fare. If you're unfamiliar with outposts, they're merely lodges that are inaccessible by motor vehicles. As such, the best fishing spots are typically found within the adjacent lakes. People spend small fortunes getting to these lodges by renting airplanes to fly them in, called fly-ins, but what many people don't realize is that there are numerous outposts that can be accessed by boat, or even by foot. These outposts are oftentimes not advertised by the resort owners who manage them, as most of their business is typically generated through their resorts, so it helps to get in the habit of asking every resort owner you contact whether or not they have an outpost, and how it can be accessed. If it can be accessed without an airplane rental, these outposts are frequently less expensive to rent even than the resorts, and the fishing is almost guaranteed to be much better. There's oftentimes no electricity in these outposts, but if you're anything like me, when you're out on a fishing trip, your cabin is only for sleeping and storage, (and shelter, in case it storms). Electricity is overrated when your goal is to have a mess of fins hanging from your stringer every evening.

If you plan to get out on the adjacent lake(s) make sure there are gassed up boats and spare fuel available to be rented near your lodging. While fishing off a dock can sometimes be equally rewarding, you'd be missing out on a lot of fun, and potentially numerous far better fishing areas, if you can't get out on a boat to explore the lake(s). Take along an extra rod and reel, and plenty of spare line, if needed. Make sure to also inquire what supplies management furnishes, and what you'll need to take with yourself. Chances are, you'll have to furnish your own tackle, food, and personal hygiene, while bait and fuel for the boats is oftentimes furnished by management at extra costs. Ensure that you have enough food to get by on in the event you don't catch any fish to eat, but if you're renting an outpost, you'll probably be taking a lot of that back with you. And don't forget the camera. Memories fade over time, but a good picture can last a lifetime.


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