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Which Team Got The BEST World Cup Draw in FIFA 2014?

Updated on March 16, 2015

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world and with the biggest event of soccer being around, there is no reason why the fans will not be excited! Yes, FIFA World Cup 2014 is right around the corner and with the 5 time World Champion Brazil playing the host, things surely could not have gone better! A few months back, FIFA announced the official FIFA World Cup 2014 draw and it’s time to analyze the groups and identify which teams can benefit from an easy group and which has to fight it out right from the beginning. There are 32 participants, however, not all of them are title contenders. Hence, we will limit ourselves just within the favorites to win the cup.


If it’s a FIFA World Cup, you can never ignore Brazil. Not even if they are not within the top 5 when it comes to FIFA rankings. They are playing the host and undoubtedly, they are the favorite team to move to the next round. With all due respect to Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon, they are not really the ones which can put up any possible pressure on the host team. That being said, Brazil is likely to top the group and then they can expect either Spain or Netherlands in the next stage. That’s expected to be a tough bet for them.

Uruguay, Italy & England

3 former World cup Champions in a single group – again a rare scenario! If current form is considered, Uruguay & England should go through. The group winner and runner-up both should not face a hard time in the next round though.

Spain & Netherlands

The World Cup Champion and Runner-up team – both are at the very same group. This doesn’t happen pretty often. Chile and Australia – both are pretty good as well. However, the European teams look stronger, at least on papers. However, it’s important to win the Group, just to make sure that Brazil can be avoided right at the 2nd round.

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Though Switzerland is always a dark horse, France should not find it very hard to sail through from their group, the other two members being Ecuador and Honduras. France needs to win this group, in order to avoid facing Argentina in the next round.


Probably in the easiest group of them all, they play Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the group stages. Argentina should win this group and by doing so, they can find an easy competitor in the next stage as well.

Germany and Portugal

Both are strong teams and Group G should see these two teams sailing to the 2nd round. Both winner and runner-up teams are expected to face comparatively weaker teams, so reaching the quarterfinals should not be a problem for either of the teams.

Spain Wins World Cup 2010

Overall, as it looks, France, Argentina, Portugal and Germany have got the easiest draw as if these teams play to their full potential, reaching the last 8 stage should not turn out to be a problem as such. Though Germany and Portugal play each other right at the group stages, their 2nd round competitors should not pose much trouble to them. However, it’s World Cup and the smaller teams have really made it hard for the comparatively bigger teams in the last few editions, thereby making things more uncertain. Let’s see what’s in store for the fans this time!

This article is a bit dated but this was first hub of mine. I, hence, don't want to delete the same. If you want any additional information to be added in this article, please let me know and I will do the needful.

© 2014 Arijit Bose


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