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Which WWE Superstar Will Be Released Next?

Updated on April 9, 2015


With his ballroom dancing gimmick and catchy theme song, Fandango quickly became a fan favorite. In his two years with WWE, he’s feuded with Chris Jericho, competed for the Intercontinental Championship, and was teamed WWE Divas Summer Rae and Layla. An injury sidelined him for months and he returned with a new gimmick as a salsa dancer with Rosa Mendes as his valet. The new gimmick didn’t catch on with fans and Fandango has hardly been showcased lately leading many to believe he’s on his way out.


Adam Rose

Despite a catchy them and party boy gimmick consisting of his Rosebuds dressed in costumes, Adam Rose’s tenure on the roster has been a dud. It looked like he had potential when he began feuding with the bunny, one of his Rosebuds, but the storyline was quickly dropped. Since then he’s been relegated to goofy backstage segments or the occasional match with a jobber.


Curtis Axel

Being the son of a wrestler doesn’t mean success. Mr. Perfect’s son, Curtis Axel learned that the hard way. In his five years with the company, he’s won the tag team championships, Intercontinental Championship, been part of the hugely popular Nexus group, and managed by Paul Heyman. Since then he’s not had much to work with, although his recent gimmick of Axelmania seems to be a hit with fans.

Will it be enough to save Axel’s career?

Only time will tell.

Which WWE Superstar Will Be the Next to Go?

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