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Which is the best trout fishing rod?

Updated on October 3, 2014

If you want to catch any fish, you have to understand where the hook has the highest chance of sticking in the mouth of your prey. As far as trouts are concerned they have a hard upper jaw, this is where the hook will most likely stick.

Use a long model

The length of the rod depends on multiple factors. The larger the water you want to fish the bigger rod you will need. If the water is surrounded by a lot of bushes you won't have as much space to cast your hook. If you want to fly-fish on such a water I recommend a short model, this is the only way you will be able to cast your lure. If you want to use a heavy bait such as a goldenhead nymph or a large lure you will need a bigger rod.

There are other advantages to using a large rod. With such products it is easier to get the hook deep into the mouth of the trout. All in all I recommend starting with a model that is at least 8.5 feet long. As you gain more experience, you can change to another one that works better for you.

The material

Obviously the longer a rod is the easier it is to fight bigger fish with it. Some small models can be extremely durable and they can keep surprisingly big fishes on the line. The durability depends on the material from which it was made from as well. Wooden and plastic models are not recommended. Fiberglass models are surprisingly light compared to how much they can take, but the best versions are made of carbon in my opinion. These are not only light, but they can keep huge fish on the line at the same time.


The tip

The tip of the rod is just as crucial as the overall design. The end should be firm, yet easy for the fish to bend. With such models it is easier to fool the fish by making the lure look like an old, unhealthy fish or worm. If the end is too stiff, it can not react to the changes in the current, and your lure will look stiff and unnatural as well.


The weight of your model is determined by the type of line you are going to use. Rods are put into 4 weight 5 weight and 6 weight classes, these signal the weight of the line they are recommended for. Which line you use depends on how far you want to cast your lure, how big of a fish you want to catch and how strong the current is. The bigger these measures are, the heavier the line should be, but the 5-weight model is a good place to start.

Number of pieces

Some rods can be transported in two pieces, others in three, while there are models that are telescopic. If you often cycle or hike to your favorite water I recommend a model that is telescopic, or can be transported in three different pieces. These are the smallest, they can be transported on top of your backpack or on a bike. Two piece models are for those fishermen who drive a car.

Which is your favorite method of fishing for trout?

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Price can be more important than all the other factors above combined. You can buy models for several thousand dollars, but you can get cheap plastic versions for a hundred bucks or so. Neither is needed, the cheap ones can be faulty, the expensive versions just don't live up to their price in my experience. Get a model for a price in between the two.


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    • PeteTaylor339 profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Taylor 

      4 years ago from Edinburgh

      I had quite a bit of success with rapala lures in lakes, fly-fishing works for rivers. But if you can represent the bait authentically, the trout will bite. They are quite aggressive.

    • Ann1Az2 LM profile image

      Ann1Az2 LM 

      4 years ago

      I can see this is a little different than in salt water. Sand trout have a real soft mouth so any jerking and you lose them. Same with spotted trout. Fresh water trout must be quite a bit different. I would probably pick the live bate whereas in salt water, they will bite on dead shrimp.


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