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White Tail Deer Tails

Updated on September 2, 2013
A white-tailed buck
A white-tailed buck

White Tail Deer

The white tail deer is one of North America's most familiar large mammals. Also known as white-tailed, or Virginia deer, white tails are found throughout eastern United States and Canada.

The reason for their name is obvious the first time a white tail deer is encountered in the wild. When alarmed, they run towards shelter with their white tails held high, signaling danger to nearby deer.

White tail deer tails, also known as bucktails, are used for a variety of outdoor-related crafts. In reference to white tail deer tails, the term "bucktail" can be deceiving. The most sought after tails are actually those of adult does (female deer) which have longer white hair.

White bucktail hair
White bucktail hair

White Tail Deer Tail Uses

White tail deer tails are used to make the following items:

bucktail jigs

lure skirts

fishing flies

arts and crafts

pet toys

A bucktail dyed yellow.
A bucktail dyed yellow.

White Tail Deer Hair for Fishing Lures

Originally, deer hair was one of the few materials available for making fishing lures. White tail deer tails normally contain three distinct hair colors; white, black, and brown. All three hair types will retain their color for years. Although contemporary anglers have access to many types of synthetic materials, white tail deer tail hair remains a top choice.

One of the reasons for the popularity of deer hair is the way it moves underwater. When dry, deer hair lures often look unimpressive to the human eye. Their potential can only be seen after they have been wet for several minutes.

When retrieved correctly, deer hair lures pulsate enticingly and have a natural feel. Because of this phenomenon, many top professional anglers prefer deer hair lures over similar models that use synthetic materials.

Bucktail Jigs

The term bucktail jig refers to any fishing jig that includes deer hair skirting. Popular bucktail jig styles include shad darts, bug eye jigs, and others.

Bucktail Skirts

Bucktail skirts are used primarily in saltwater fishing. These simple attractants are made by tying strands of deer tail hair around a brass rivet. Bucktail skirts are then strung onto the line above the hook. The skirting adds movement and color to live minnows, bait strips, or other baits.

Hook Dressing

White tail deer hair is often used as a hook dressing material. Many of the most popular poppers, spoons, inline spinners, and other lures are equipped with deer-hair dressed hooks.

Deer Hair Flies

White tail deer tail hair is used extensively for making freshwater and saltwater flies. Deer hair is often used for constructing fly bodies, wings, tails, or other features. Popular deer-hair flies include muddlers, poppers, bass bugs, and minnow patterns.

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