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Who Are The Best NHL Teams In 2013

Updated on February 16, 2013

Who Is the best in NHL During the 2013 NHL Season?

So Hear we are about a month into the 2013 NHL Hockey season, and about a quarter of this short NHL 2013 hockey season has passed us. Witch leaves us to one question. Who are the Top teams, and players in the NHL 20013 Hockey Season?

Below I talk about the top teams and players, this NHL season. The 2013 NHL season is far from over and best assure that there is some great hockey moments heading our way.So lets dive in and talk about the top Hockey teams and players.

East Coast ( Top Ranked Teams)

NorthEast Division

1. Boston

2. Montreal

3. Toronto

4. Ottawa

5. Buffalo

Atlantic Division

1. New Jersey

2. Pittsburgh

3. NY Rangers

4. Philadelphia

5. NY Islander

SouthEast Division


2. Tampa Bay

3. Winnipeg

4. Florida

5. Washington

West Coast ( Top Ranked Teams)

Pacific Division

1. Anaheim

2. San Jose

3. Dallas

4. Phoenix

5. Los Angles

NorthWest Division

1. Vancouver

2. Minnesota

3. Edmonton

4. Calgary

5. Colorado

Central Division

1. Chicago

2. Nashville

3. Detroit

4. St. Louis

5. Columbus

Conference Leaders


1. New Jersey 13

2. Boston 11

3. Carolina 13

4. Pittsburgh 14

5. Montreal 13


1. Chicago 13

2. Anaheim 12

3. Vancouver 12

4. Nashville 14

5. San Jose 13

Conference Leaders

New Jersey
San Jose

Top Ranked goalies

Some Say that goal tending is one of the most important players in the NHL. A goalie in many ways are similar to a catcher in base ball, or a quarterback in foot ball. A goalie can cost you a game in one hand and win you a game in another. Hear are some top ranked goalies in the 2013 NHL Hockey season.

Luongo- Team. Van

Anderson-Team Ott

Rinne- Team NSH

Crawford-Team Chi

Fasth -Team ANH

Top Ranked Goal Scorers

Lets face it, if your NHL hockey team does not have great players who can put the hockey puck in the back of the net, then your hockey team will not win games, or the Stanley cup. Lets take a peak at the top coal scores so far in the 2013 NHL Hockey Season.

Vanek Buf 11

Marleau SJ 10

Neal Pits 10

Clarkson NJ 9

Kane CHI 9

Top Ranked Defensemen

Most say and I am a believer that defense wins championships. All-tho it is very important to be able to put the puck in the net, it is also very important to be able to stop the puck from going in the net. Great defensive players have the ability to block shots, trap the puck, and make heads up plays to get the puck out of there Zones. Hear is a peak at some great Defensive players around the league.

Tobias Enstrom- WPG

Kevin Shattenkirk-STL

Alex Pietrangelo-TL

Erik Karlsson-OTT

Andrei Markov-MTL

Final Thoughts

Hockey is a great sport, and I am very glad that the league was able to fix some issue and get these great players back on the ice. As this NHL 2013 hockey season continues one can only bet to see more, great saves, awesome goals being scored and championships being won. Let’s go Hockey and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in this great short NHL 2013 hockey season.


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