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‘Who Dat Nation” and Why I am Betting for The Saints to Win the Super Bowl XLIV - Super Bowl 44

Updated on October 22, 2012

‘Who Dat Nation” and Why I am Betting for The Saints to Win the Super Bowl XLIV

Two days before the Super Bowl XLIV to be held at Sunlife Stadium, Miami Florida on Sunday, February 7, 2010, 6:30 pm Eastern Time, I made up my mind, I am rooting for the Saints to win the game versus the Indianapolis Colts.

I am prepared for the Super Bowl

I am off on Sunday including HubPages. Even though my team didn’t qualify for the playoffs, still am excited to watch football games. This Sunday, I am excited to watch it and I am prepared for the day. I am having a Super Bowl party here in my place and five of my friends will attend it. I bought HDTV three weeks ago and I have been to Wal-Mart yesterday buying stuff for the party. I also dropped by at the Asian Store already to buy rice and fruits. I am the chief cook but I will finished my duty before the game starts.

The Two Teams and Their Records

The Super Bowl XLIV game will feature the Saints === their first ever Super Bowl appearance since the team was founded in 1967 and it is the fourth time a Colts franchise team has appeared ever since 1953 (their foundation in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts). In their three previous Super Bowl appearances by the way it happened all in Miami. Indianapolis Colts have lost once in 1969 and won twice in 1971 and 2007. The Saints enter the game with a 13-3 compared to the Colts 14-2. During the playoff games both teams had a first round bye. The Colts entered the Super Bowl off of 20–3 and 30–17 victories, while the Saints advanced with scores of 45–14 and 31–28 defeating the Arizona Cardinals.

Now about Peyton Manning, I call him the smartest QB, watch his move and you know he is calculating every move he makes. Actually he is one win away to being the best quarterback plus the highest paid NFL player after he'll sign his contract this year.



Why I am Betting for the Saints to Win -- The GUITAR

My friends told me they will bet on the Colts and they will give me a new guitar if the COLTS will win. However I am betting for the Saints to win, I have nothing to lose except of course I like P. Manning very much.

I am betting for the Saints to win not because of statistics but because I want the “Who Dat Nation” to win and so their chant “Who Dat” will take effect. I have been wondering what does it mean and my friend told me, well, it simply means “Who can beat us” hehe,. Surely the Colts can beat them, but for humanitarian purposes I want them to win. “Hey Maita, this is sports, we don’t choose and play by emotions and besides, whose got the best quarterback?” I want them to be happy and hopefully it will lift their spirits as well. I just whispered it silently.

But hey, I can almost feel the new guitar in my fingers and arms! Wooooo!



"Who Dat" and What It Means

"Who dat" simply means who can beat them -- the Saints-- is unbeatable. It is a chant of team support by sports fans and it is used especially by fans of the New Orleans Saints an NFL team. The entire chant goes this way: --Who dat?-- Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?--


Who Dat? Song Lyrics

Who dat up there who’s dat down there
Who dat up there who dat well down there
Who’s dat up there, sayin’ who’s dat down there
When I see you up there well who’s dat down there

Who dat inside who’s dat outside
Who’s dat inside who dat well outside
Who’s dat inside, singin’ who’s dat outside
When I see up there well who’s dat out there

Button up your lip there big boy
Stop answerin’ back
Give you a tip there big boy
Announce yourself jack

Who dat up there who’s dat down there
Who dat up there who dat, well down there
Who’s dat up there, singin’ who’s dat down there
When I see you up there you bum
Well who’s dat down there

Who dat

Orleans pretty cheerleaders
Orleans pretty cheerleaders
Cristina, COLTS beautiful cheerleader, I love that HORSE
Cristina, COLTS beautiful cheerleader, I love that HORSE

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