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Who Should Be England's Captain For the Brazil 2014 World Cup Campaign

Updated on October 11, 2012

Who would you pick?

Who would you pick as England's Captain for the duration of the 2014 World Cup campaign, vote now (Poll Below).

Wearing the armband for your country is a great honor, Beckham spoke very fondly of his first game as England captain and any good captain enjoys the extra honor and responsibility, but it is not just a meaningless symbol, the captain must act as a mediator and link between Players and Manager, they must be the ones who inspire the team in the face of adversity, lead by example and marshall the lines to ensure that every man, every link in the chain is holding its own and following the brief of the manager.

With that said, it is a big decision for any manager, who do you think should have the band for the duration of the 2014 campaign, both qualifying and actually competition. Here are a list of perhaps the main candidates;

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is set to captain England in their fixture against San Marino 12/10/12 and has the advantage of being both young enough to forseeably feature in 2 or more England tournaments to come, whilst also being one of the longest standing player within the camp, giving him seniority despite his relative years.

Rooney is also seen by most people as England's star player, though some are left questioning this after his sub par peformances in recent international competitions, however it still stands that FIFA rates him alongside the upper echelons of Football, on par with the likes of much acclaimed Iniesta and not far behind that of Messi and Ronaldo.

There are suggestions that having the captaincy will help Rooney to feel loved again and that it might be exactly the spark he needs and only time will tell whether the added responsibility and prestiege would positively or negatively impact him.

Steven Gerrard

Gerrard was the captain for the European 2012 campaign, he was also arguably their best player in the tournament, the thought has always been that to get the best out of Gerrard, we needed to make him as central and pivotal as he is as when he captains Liverpool.

For club he has proven to be a natural leader, his position on the pitch allows him to relay information and instructions to all players on the pitch easily. Along with Ashley Cole he is the longest standing player now within the England camp and this means that the others will have looked up to him in coming into the squad at their respective times.

Gerrard is a natural captain but will the fact that he will be 34 years of age in 2014, be seen as a benefit or will it go against him, in a Football climate that is experiencing a period of ageism, where fans and media alike are quick to write off players with advancing years and accelerate their slow exclusion from their respective squads. Hodgson may well wish to give the captaincy to a younger player, so that a legacy can be setup which can be carried into the 2016 European Championships, rather than having to reassign it once Gerrard inevitably retires from international Football after the 2014 World Cup.

Joe Hart

Joe Hart, despite only relatively recently cementing his position within the team, has now unquestionably made the position his own and is non too shy to have a go at his defenders and players around him who have been in the camp longer than him. Hes a very vocal player, with bags of confidence and even over the clatter of the crowd can sometimes be heard marshalling his troops, especially during set pieces, it is this kinda of leadership and communication skills that would make Joe a great captain.

England could perhaps take note of the fact that the two finalists of the 2012 European Championships were captained by their goalkeepers, Italy led by Buffon and Spain led by Casillias, perhaps this is purely coincidence... perhaps there is more to it.

Joe's age means that he will be most likely the first name on the team sheet for years to come and as a Goalkeeper, is likely to exceed the lifespan of any of the outfield players and feature in many more tournaments to come, by appointing Joe as captain, Hodgson can rest easy knowing he will not have to reassign a captain for his whole duration as manager and beyond.

Ashley Cole

Ashley is the 2nd highest capped player currently within the England camp, second only to Steven Gerrard, this seniority alone makes him a candidate, however Ashley has never particularily expressed the skill sets that exemplify a captain and has no experience of it at Club level. He may also be considered too old for the role in the same way Steven Gerrard may be and is also under some pressure for his England spot, from Everton left-back Leighton Baines, his unprofessional conduct and the constant bad press that surrounds him may make Roy think twice before picking him.

Who would you choose as Captain for the 2014 campaign?

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    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Steven Gerrard retains captaincy so far and earnt his 100th cap for England, He appears to be clearly in Hodgson's plans for the forseeable future, as Hodgson chose to keep Gerrard on for the full 90, opting to Substitute Tom Cleverley for Jack Wilshire, opposed to Subbing Gerrard, despite Gerrards advancing years, its possible that Gerrard is the first choice in the Midfield still and Hodgson is testing to see whether Cleverley or Wilshire will be a better fit to him.

      Also another asisst for Gerrard, he is fast becoming England's most potent creative force, after his 3 Assists in the Euro 2012 tournament

    • cal94 profile image

      cal94 5 years ago from England

      I have to say Gerrard for this but the next man to take the armband should really be Joe Hart.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

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    • profile image

      Saad95 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Matthew Freeman 5 years ago

      Yeah , Saad asks me to make an account but how does it help

    • mmsu profile image

      mmsu 5 years ago from Pakistan

      hmmm...for me between Gerrard and Hart.However Gerrard may have the youth factor against him.But again Hart does not yet seem like a captaincy material and making him captain especially in the England set-up!,you know what i mean...For now the only leader seems to Steve G and i think he will be the captain in the coming world cup which will be his last.As for Rooney he first has to remove his scoring form in big tournaments.In the last two world-cups and Euro's ,his performances have been poor and no need to thrive him the captaincy.It's not only about being a very good player to get the captaincy.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Wouldn't be a bad choice, im guessing you support CFC tho ;)

      You should sign up for a Hubpages account Matthew!

    • profile image

      Matthew Freeman 5 years ago

      I just want to see Lampard be captain

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Although he has some support for the role now, if Hodgson is going to give it any ageing midfielder, it looks very likely that it will be Steven Gerrard, since he is already the captain when playing and he is also younger than lampard

    • profile image

      Matthew Freeman 5 years ago

      Lampard isn't even in the poll

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      I love ashley cole, but he can't be captain of england, he loves to play and leads by example, but not in the off pitch stuff. When you look at him play for Chelsea he leads excellently by example. But, the England captaincy has off pitch issues that is the true weakness of Cole.

      Gerrard to me is generationally wrong. I like Wayne but his super stardom would make the captaincy a weight on him instead of an honor. He is constantly criticized now as england's best player, if captain, it would double and like Cole he has shown a negative reaction to that at times.

      Joe HArt is the one. he represents the generation coming in , plays for a top side, with top players, and is generally liked.

    • jamesdurk94 profile image

      James Durkin 5 years ago from Halifax, UK

      I think Joe Hart would be a great captain but i think, it will be Steven Gerrard who leads England out in 2014 !