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Who Should Feud with Nia Jax?

Updated on August 8, 2016

Since her debut, Nia has been showcased in a squash matches featuring local jobbers. It's no doubt that Jax is a powerhouse based on the way she manhandles her opponents. Yet, in order for Jax to cement her dominance as a top female SuperStar she's going to need a feud.

With RAW having 6 women on its roster. Who could face Nia Jax?



Out of all the women, she's my top pick to face Jax.

Paige is one of the WWE’s top female wrestlers and she's been missing from the main event picture for quite a while. With her no holds barred attitude, Paige has shown she's not afraid of any challenge, which makes her the perfect opponent for Jax.

Currently, Paige is out of action with injuries. But upon her return, a feud with Nia Jax could be the thing to catapult Paige back into the main event spotlight.


Alicia Fox

Like her good friend, Paige, Alicia Fox has been out of the spotlight for a while.

The former Divas champion returned a few weeks ago from an injury and was one of the many females drafted to RAW in the draft.

The last time Fox was featured on WWE programming, she was in a team with The Bella Twins. But with Brie retired and Nikki out of action, it's time for Fox to step out on her own.

A feud with Nia Jax could be the thing to help restart Alicia Fox's singles career.


Summer Rae

The blonde bombshell is one of the WWE Universe’s favorites.

Yet, like many Superstars, Summer Rae hasn't been featured on television as of late. The last time she was featured on TV, she played a heel against the top babyfaces Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

With Summer Rae being kept off television, maybe they're gearing up for her to return as a babyface. Having Summer Rae stand up to a heel Nia Jax is not only a good way to work her back onto the programming, but it'd also set up an epic feud between the two women.

Dana Brooke

Like Jax, Dana Brooke is a powerhouse.

Since making her debut in May, Brooke has proven that she's on her way to becoming one of the WWE's top women.

With muscular stature, Brooke destroys her opponents in the ring.

Brooke's alliance with former Women's champion Charlotte is nearing the end. Rumors are circulating that the WWE loves Brooke and wants to make her their new star.

If the WWE wants to put Dana and Nia over, what better way than a feud with the two Superstars. With those two female powerhouses in battling it in the ring, it's sure to tear down the house.



The former Women’s champion has asserted herself as the Queen of the WWE.

As one of the longest reigning WWE champions, Charlotte's ego has gotten the best of her. It's time somebody knocked her down a peg, and who better than Nia Jax.

Nia Jax could assert herself as the new Queen of the WWE and usurp Charlotte from her thrown.

If the WWE wants to turn Jax into a face, a match with Charlotte would be just the thing to get Jax over with the crowd.

Sasha Banks

With her feud with Charlotte coming to an end, Sasha’s going to need a new challenger to face her for the WWE Women's championship.

Nia Jax just debuted a few weeks ago and some people may think it's too soon for her to be in the title picture. Yet, the WWE has been known to do surprising things. Just look at Finn Balor, another NXT/RAW draft pick, who's now fighting for the WWE Universal championship at SummerSlam.

It wouldn't come as a shock if WWE decided to put Jax in the women's championship battle so quickly, yet in my opinion I think they should build her up more and get the crowd to connect before she's given a title opportunity.

Who should Nia Jax feud with?

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