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Who Will Win ICC Cricket World cup 2015 – An Overview

Updated on March 11, 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Trophy

Who Will Win ICC Cricket World cup 2015 – An Overview

ICC World Cup 2015 is about to begin on 14th day of February 2015. Both Australia and New Zealand are the host countries. As many as fourteen countries would take part in the rumble, divided in two groups. Group-A consists of England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Afghanistan and Scotland whereas Pakistan, India, South Africa, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and United Arab Emirates in included in group B. Though there are fourteen participants but the teams which would pose some sort of threat to each other are just eight in numbers.

In the first round each team of a Pool would play one match to other group teams and top eight teams would enter the knock out stage i.e. quarter final which would be followed by semi finals and final.

Billions of viewers all over the world will be able to feel the thrill of the tournament on TV and through web. For Pakistani viewers live streaming is available on the official website of PTV sports

Like previous ICC world cups the viewers are also looking for unexpected results when weaker teams would be able to beat strongest contestants.

Both Australia and New Zealand have very top class players in the squared. They don't have fitness problems like other teams. Performance of their each teammate in batting, bowling and fielding is excellent. As a very strong contestants coupled with an advantage of being the hosts both teams are the most favorite to win the battle for world crown. I must say this is the best chance New Zealand has after the World Cup 1992 when they were beaten by Pakistan in Semi final.

England and South Africa have the most professional squared and they got the ability to beat any team. A B Develiours is the most dangerous player of the world. He is the match winning teammate who could turn the table anytime. The atmosphere in the host countries is also similar to their national conditions so they would not face any difficulty to settle down.

Indian team is one of the strongest team on papers. They have batsmen like Dhoni, Rehana and Kohli. They are built to crush any bowling attach. But on swinging wickets like Austrian and New Zealand Venues their performance is very disgusting. Team India was given a chance to settle down in the conditions of Australia by playing Triangular series. Team India is in Austria for more than two months but their triangular series was a nightmare, demoralizing and disgusting for the players as the great team India could not win even a single match in the said series and suffered some very humiliating defeats.

Before ICC Cricket Worldcup Pakistan has to suffer many setbacks. Their main Bowler Saeed Amjal has been banned and could not particulate in this World cup. Junaid Khan a key fast blower of Pakistan is unfit. The experienced opener Hafeez is also injured and ousted from the World cup squared. With all these disadvantages Pakistan has a squared of experienced batsman like Younas Khan, Misbah and Afridi and young bowlers, most of them are playing in Australia/New Zealand for the first time. They could emerge from the shadows of hopelessness if they play like a team foregetting their previous conflicts. It is my believe that no team could defeat Pakistan Team when eleven member squared playing for the countries without any hanky-panky with full belief on Almighty.

For India and Pakistan, the first match to be played on 15th February 2015 is very crucial for success of their campaign for the ICC World cup 2015. The win for either team would be energy and courage booster. Importance is this match greater than the finale. Pakistan could be the winner if bookies could not play their role. No doubt India would be the favorite in this match but still Pakistan Team has the ability to change the history as never before they have beaten India in ICC World Cup 2015.

Like Pakistan, the key bowler Sunil Narine of West Indies has also been banned for illegal bowling action. But they still have Chris Gayl though I don’t think that he would be able to serve his team in each match like he plays.

Sri Lanka has suffered many defeats in recent past and presently underdog I don’t guess them to be in the semies. To me, the semi finalists could be India, Austria, New Zealand and South Africa and finalist could be Austria and New Zealand.

To my expectations the next ICC Cricket Worldcup Champion is New Zealand.


Big Three and ICC Worldcup 2015 - Pride goes before a fall

Before the start of ICC World Cup three cricketing nations have granted themselves the status of big three. England, Australia and India are big three cricket nations. They clinches all the powers in the ICC. All the rules and regulations, cricket tournaments are subject to the approval of these three teams.

They tried to right the script for the ICC Worldcup 2015 by ousting two greatest magical spin blowers of today Saeed Ajmal and Narain. In fact the main target was Pakistan as it had opposed the concept of big three and created hurdles. Secondly, all the teams like, India, England and Sri Lanka were given a pre-worldcup 2015 series to settle down in the atmosphere. The Pakistan was not in the scene.

But there is another script Writer who has all the energy and force to enforce His script. He is the Almighty. Especially, Pakistan was to be taught a lesson so that they should not oppose any move by the so-called Big Three.

Against India, Pakistani batsman Umer Akmal was given out by third empire despite the fact that benefit of doubt always goes in favor of the batsman and the decision of the standing empire was also 'not out'. In the match Pakistan versus West Indies many no balls by the Windies were not given. After two defeats there was probability that Pakistan would be out of the tournament. So in the match Zimbabwe versus Irland, stage was set for the win of Ireland. The shot which should have been declared as 'six' was declared as 'out' just to confirm that Ireland could take fourth place instead of Pakistan. Where the rule of benefit of doubt does in favor of batsman goes, which is always applied in favor of these so-called big threes. it was Pakistan's splendid performance against South Africa which shut the mouths of the opponents and Pakistan has almost confirmed their position four qualifiers for the quarter finalists.

The title of big three in an organization should be given to the nation having high performance and great services for the sports. England's supremacy in cricket can be gauged from the fact that they have been ousted even in the first round of the ICC Worldcup beaten by the number eight teams like Bangladesh. In fact it is the Bangol tigers who have ousted first Big Three team from the ICC World Cup and in the next round they have to face another big three; India.

After this humiliating and shameful defeat the England should have to surrender their title of "Big Three" as they do not deserve any manipulation in the future events and decisions of the ICC. In the quarter final the Bangladesh Team must prove themse;ves to be Hard nut to crack for Indian Team.

The Bangol Tigers should keep in mind that India is not better than England. In the Pre World Cup Triangular Series in Austria England had beaten India more than once. So they should place their step in the ground with the sure that they can beat India and their belief in Almighty should also be as firm as a rock.

It is hoped that this under-estimated team of Bangol Tigers will be able to expel India from ICC World Cup and take place in the Semi Finals where probability they may have to encounter another Big Three Australia and Bangol Tigers have to potential to beat Australia too. This ICC Worldcup could prove to be a den of hungry bangol tigers' den where the preys would be the so-called "Big Threes".

The Bangol Tigers could prove to be a death squad for the so-called big threes of the ICC. Pakistani nation have high hopes for them. If they play positive cricket they can beat any team of the world. Their belief in Almighty would be their strong weapon against the opponents.

Who will the new ICC World Champion?

Who will the new ICC World Champion?

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