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Who Will Win the 2017 Royal Rumble?

Updated on January 22, 2017

Unlike the Royal Rumbles of previous years, this one is filled with unpredictability. Fans are abuzz with predictions on who could be the Superstar standing tall at the end of the night.

WWE has been seen as somewhat stale and predictable at times. Many fans thought they knew who this year’s winner would be before the PPV started.

But in recent weeks, WWE has been tweaking with possible storylines heading into Wrestlemania. This means that the 2017 Royal Rumble winner could be anybody.

Will it be a part-timer, returning superstar, or a new debut?

Let's take a look at some candidates, who could win the 2017 Royal Rumble.


The Undertaker

Months ago, The Undertaker seemed like an odds-on favorite to win.

It was predicted that The Undertaker would face newly-crowned, sixteen-time WWE champion, John Cena. Talk of Undertake vs Cena had the fans hyped, they couldn’t wait to see two of the biggest Superstars face off on the grandest stage of them all.

The Undertaker vs John Cena seemed like a lock for one of the Wrestlemania matches. However, recent rumors suggest that the Taker vs Cena match is no longer being planned. Instead, Undertaker may fighting Braun Strowman. Given the subtle hint during the Deadman’s appearance on RAW, it appears Undertake vs Strowman is a strong possibility.

The Strowman rumors could be a way to deter fans from the possibility of Undertaker going for one more shot at the WWE championship.

Since the Undertaker’s WWE run seems to be winding down, it would be nice to see him compete for the championship one last time.


Finn Balor

After winning the Universal Championship at Summerslam, a shoulder injury forced Finn Balor to relinquish the title the next night.

The extent of Balor's injury would cause him to miss six months.

Recent updates have indicated Balor has made progress in his recovery, leading fans to believe The Demon King is ready for a comeback.

Balor has made progress in his recovery and many feel The Demon King is ready for a comeback.

In the past, Royal Rumble entrants have included Superstars returning from an injury. So there’s a good possibility, The Demon King’s music could hit during the battle royale.

Prior to his injury, Balor was set to feud with Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship.

The WWE was planning to have Balor and Kevin Owens feud for the Universal championship prior to his injury. A match many fans were anxious to see.

A Balor return at the Rumble would be a great opportunity to kickoff the Owens feud.


Samoa Joe

As with every Royal Rumble, there's always a surprise debut.

Last year, we saw the much anticipated debut of AJ Styles.

This year, we could see the entrance of a NXT Superstar. Fans are abuzz that former NXT champion Samoa Joe will make his debut on the main roster.

Samoa Joe is a favorite with the wrestling community. Fans were excited when he was signed with the WWE and began wondering when Samoa Joe would transition from NXT to WWE.

Rumors are swirling that Joe is going to be one of the entrants at the Rumble. The wrestling community is already putting him as a lock to win the Rumble.

If Joe does win the Rumble, fans are predicting he’ll either face John Cena or AJ Styles at Wrestlemania.


Chris Jericho

Jericho’s alliance with Universal champion, Kevin Owens has been one of the highlights of RAW the past few months.

The two are one of them most entertaining duos within the last few years. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho delivered in their heel roles as they helped each other retain and win their championships. Chris Jericho was an aide to Owens as he defended his Universal championship. Owen then helped Chris Jericho win the United States championship from Roman Reigns.

Owens and Jericho have formed a partnership that can’t be broken. Yet, as with everything in WWE, all good things must come to an end.

Jericho winning the Rumble and fighting his best friend, Kevin Owens is bound to be a good feud for Wrestlemania.


Dean Ambrose

This may be a longshot, but don’t count Dean Ambrose out of contention.

Ambrose is one of the top Superstars on Smackdown, he’s had a chance to shine on his own instead of being stuck in the shadow of his Shield brothers.

Many don't think Ambrose stands a chance because he's been downgraded from main event to midcard level.

With his recent Intercontinental championship win, it seems like Ambrose won't be main eventing this year’s Wrestlemania.

Yet, knowing WWE they like to go with the unexpected. Since many don’t see Ambrose as a winner, he could pull off a surprise win since he was robbed last year.

Ambrose fans would love for him to have a top Wrestlemania moment since Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have already had theirs. A big Wrestlemania feud for Ambrose would be against John Cena. They briefly started a feud back in the fall, but it ended after Cena took a break to film his TV show.

Now that Cena’s back and on the road to capturing another championship, it’s a great time to rekindle the feud with Ambrose. Their feud going into Wrestlemania would be red-hot with cutting edge promos and putting everything they’ve got into their matches.


Braun Strowman

When Strowman was split from The Wyatt Family during the Draft, many didn’t expect Strowman to accomplish anything. During the first few months on RAW, Strowman was put in matches with jobber.

Cut to the present and the WWE is molding Strowman to become their next top SuperStar.

Strowman has proven to be an indestructible force and all the entrants in the Rumble should watch out for him.

Different rumors have been swirling around Strowman. Some are that he’ll face The Undertaker, while others say he’ll be facing Roman Reigns, who could be the Universal champion heading into Wrestlemania.

No matter what happens, Strowman is going to be the one to watch in the Royal Rumble.



Following his win against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Goldberg was the first Superstar to announce his entry into the Royal Rumble.

Some fans don’t see Goldberg as this year’s winner because the plans call for round 2 of Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Yet, recent news suggest that Goldberg could be pitted against Roman Reigns.

Goldberg and Reigns had a face-off recently on RAW, which give these rumors more truth.

If it’s true that Reigns is going to win the Universal championship, then face Goldberg, will the fans be accepting of this match or will they protest it like Roman’s previous matches?


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