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Who should win all of the NFL Awards?

Updated on December 7, 2012

Just my opinions. You are entitled to your own.

MVP- Adrian Peterson, RB. Minnesota Vikings.
I know that the Most Valuable Player has become a Quarterback trophy over the last few years (Last year that a QB wasn't MVP- Ladanian Tomlinson, 2006), but what "All Day" Adrian Peterson has done this season for Minnesota is incredible. Right now he leads the league with 1,446 yards rushing. If he maintains this pace, he'll come up just short of 2,000 yards (1,928). Now, you might be thinking, "Yeah, that's impressive, but how is that better than any other back, why not Peyton or RG3?"
And that is understandable. Why not give it to Peyton Manning? Why not give it to RG3? They've both had incredible seasons. Why not?
It's not so much a Why Not, but a Why, a big Why.
In week 16 of last season, Peterson's leg bent awkwardly, tearing both his MCL and ACL. Many people thought that this injury would end Peterson's career. Instead, he was starting week one, and instead of sitting on his couch, he's leading the NFL in rushing. In my opinion, that is awesome, and far more impressive than Peyton being Peyton or a rookie having a good season.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year- Andrew Luck, QB. Indianapolis Colts.
This one was tough... but not for the reasons you would think. Most people are thinking Luck vs RG3. Me? I'm thinking Andrew Luck versus... Russell Wilson.
While it is impressive that RG3 has put up the numbers that he has, and that the Redskins are in the position that they are, I have beef with him. Mainly...
Because Luck and Wilson are playing a pro offense. RG3 is in an offense suited to the run and to his ability. While he is an evolved version, he isn't that much better than Cam Newton or Michael Vick before him. The Redskins have the number one rushing offense in the NFL. This means less pressure on RG3, and a more convincing play action pass. Most of his success originates in, simply put, defensive confusion. Later this season, or maybe even next year, somebody will figure out how to slow down the pistol formation, or keep RG3 in the pocket, and he will make bad decisions. He is a product of a system, and expectations or excitement should be dulled for a couple of seasons.
Meanwhile, Wilson, against tougher competition has thrown for more touchdowns and is already in the playoff picture. He uses his athleticism as a weapon, but he doesn't rely on it like RG3 does. He actually has more TD passes, and a better completion percentage, if less yards than the other two star rookies. I look past media hype and excitement and analyzed the two players and realized that while RG3 might be better later, Wilson has actually developed better.
However, I did give the award to Luck, because he has accomplished just as much as Wilson, and is doing it with more pressure on him as the first overall pick. If I could have any rookie QB, I would take him.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year- Chandler Jones, DE. New England Patriots.
This one is easier. There are a few good pass rushers, but this kid has truly thrived. He fits in nicely in New England and has thrived. Registering 6 sacks and forcing 3 fumbles in New England. He has helped raise the defense to the level of the offense and make the Patriots a real threat going into the post-season.

Offensive Player Of The Year- Peyton Manning, QB. Denver Broncos.
He's played like... Well... Peyton. He's on pace for over 4,600 yards and 47 TDs . THOSE are MVP numbers and should easily take this award home.

Defensive Player Of The Year- J.J. Watt, DE. Houston Texans.
This guy has been in the MVP conversation all year, and any NFL fan will tell ya. As a defensive player, if your name isn't Lawrence Taylor, that's strange. He has 16.5 sacks from the 3 down lineman spot. That means there aren't two defensive tackles next to him occupying the attention of offensive linemen. He has been getting to the QB, stopping the run, and swatting passes all. year. long. 15 of them. As a defensive lineman? That's unreal.

*Honorable Mention- Charles "Peanut" Tillman. He's been a beast this year, forcing 8 fumbles as a defensive back. Impressive, just not impressive enough.

Comeback Player Of The Year- Peyton Manning, QB. Denver Broncos.
This is a no brainer. He didn't take a snap all last year and has dominated this season. Easily the best QB this season. I don't need to say any more.

Coach Of The Year- Bill Belichick. New England Patriots.
I know you guys want Mike Smith or Gary Kubiak with their one loss seasons. Or maybe John Fox* (*Peyton Manning). But for me, it has to be BB. The guy is great year in and year out. Andy Reid and Jeff Fischer have proven that being great for a long time isn't easy, or guaranteed. BB has been perfect since he took over in 2000, winning the division every year that he had Tom Brady taking snaps. In the past, I would say that would cost him the award. Aww, he's only good because he has Brady!
Well A. I think Brady is only good because of Belichick and B. This year, they've been running the ball just as successfully as they've been passing, and have rebuilt a defense. In my opinion, they quietly the best team in the NFL and should dominate in the playoffs.


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    • joshv82 profile image

      Joshua Vick 5 years ago from Madison, WI

      Nice article...

      I would love to see J.J. Watt get the MVP but in an offensive driven league, that just won't happen, even though what he is doing in Houston is incredible. Manning is in the talks for it, but I don't think he deserves it (on pace for 37 TDs). He is having a good season, but this team was able to win games with Tebow as their starter last year. AP is a nice pick for the MVP but can a running back take it instead of a QB? We'll see.

      And although I can't stand Belichick, I agree that New England is for some reason (a little bit) overlooked for a title in 2012.