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Winner of the 2014 World Cup.... REVEALED

Updated on August 13, 2010

 Now that the 2010 World Cup is safely out of the way, the next one on the list is the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Of course, it would seem crazy to try to guess who will win at this point, but as I am one of the few girls in the world who absolutely loves football, I have become an expect, and I have accurately worked out how the 2014 World Cup will unfold.

 Over time you will remember this post as all of it's predictions slowly come true. It's going to be an amazing tournament in Brazil, and I've worked out everything from the qualifying rounds onwards, however the parts I'm going to show you here today is the knockout round onwards.

 The lead up the 2014 World Cup will be full of controversy, as well as an exciting group stage. As the knockout stage most of the games go as expected, besides New Zealand beating Italy 1-0.

 In the quarter finals another mouth-watering clash between Netherlands and Brazil leads to an explosive game and a late double by Huntelaar to give Holland a 3-2 win, while USA upset Spain to win 2-1. Meanwhile, Australia beats cross-tasman rivals 4-2 and a second half goal-fest. 

 In the most intense match of the Round between USA and England, a tight game is stuck at 1-1 before a late wonderstrike puts USA into the Semi finals to face off against Germany.

 The semi finals are HOLLAND vs AUSTRALIA and GERMANY vs USA... In the first match, Holland rip through Australia's midfield and defense to dominate the whole game. Australia's defense clings on and only conceeds 3 goals. Meanwhile USA put up a tremendous fight against power-houses Germany buy ultimately fall as the Germans prove one too much. In the third place game Australia and USA draw 3-3... 

 But in the final..! Germany scores two goals in the first half to just about bury the game,.... but an amazing second half see's Holland with a chance as they pull one back early, then a remarkable final 7 minutes of the tornament see's two of the best goals in world cup history including a 25 pass-build up and a bicycle kick from Huntelaar hand Holland their first ever cup.

When the world cup 2014 comes around and all of the following takes place, come here and be amazed!

The Chart of the 2014 World Cup


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    • profile image

      eveline 6 years ago

      Australia and the USA are absolutely not in the semi finals. Brazil has a good change, Argentina, England, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Uruguay, Portugal all could be, but australia? No offence, love the country but they suck at soccer as much I do. And USA is not much better.

    • Captain W profile image

      Captain W 7 years ago from California

      cool. Let's see if you're right ;)