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"Who's Next for Jone Jones"

Updated on July 9, 2012

One thing that's on every ones mind after a Jon Jones fight is, who's next? A catchphrase that was consistent with former pro-wrestler Bill Goldberg. Yes that was story lined but the m.o. was the same, tearing through an opponent and leaving fans to wonder, who's next?

The reigning UFC light-heavyweight champion has been on an incredible run lately completely destroying everyone placed in front.To Jones credit, there are no real threats to challenge him for his championship strap on the horizon."Bones" has a skill set that is constantly developing him into a better fighter, and at his age there's no telling what he will accomplish in this sport.

His biggest asset would be that huge reach advantage of his that gives him an edge over all his opponents. It's almost like a cheat code on a video game, or a Game Genie (if anyone remembers that one) that he uses on fighters. The scary thing about it is, he knows how to utilize it well.

Outside of a possible rematch with Rashad Evans, the only man to push Jones to date, no match ups are to appealing.That rematch however will be unlikely for a while since Evans will more then like need two impressive wins before getting back in the title picture again. In any case, Jones will execute the same game-plan of staying on the outside and picking him apart again. Not too many fans will be anticipating that one anytime soon.

Recently there has been talk among MMA fans that Alexander Gustafsson would match up well against Jones. This of course based mostly around that fact that Gustafsson's has a close height and reach comparison to the champ. That is it however, because right now Gustafsson is no where near Jones level at this point in his career, but this is MMA, anything can happen in a fight. If he were to get 2 or 3 more big wins against any of the top 5 of the division it could definitely put him in line for a title shot.

Jones has been tearing through the elite of his division, with most of them being in the top 5. Jones is now scheduled to meet former Pride and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson later this year, which should be clash for the ages. Most people are already looking past Henderson in favor of Jones. That of course would be a huge mistake.

If Jones is able to get run through "Hendo" like everyone else who's next for the champion to defend his crown against? If it happens, all Jones has to do is sit back with his hands behind his head, with his feet prompted up comfortably to await his next challenger. Honestly, who is that even going to be?

That move to heavyweight could be on the horizon sooner then we all think. Wouldn't that be great? A super-fight with Junior Dos Santos would be nice, or if Anderson Silva were to step back up to light-heavyweight would be even greater.

We can only hope for those miracles to happen, so here's to hoping.


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