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Who's the Worst Player in NFL History? Brett Favre

Updated on October 30, 2009

Since the dawn of time, Man has asked himself "Who's the sorriest player in the history of the National Football League?" We've scoured countless teams, countless benches, countless positions. We've travelled to the far depths of the Earth and asked the opinions of actual scienti--okay, look, that answer is Brett Favre.

Number one -- Favre kills the Bears and that's why he's so popular. The NFL LOVES it when Chicago Bears are good. LOVES it. So this is the rivalry they hype the Bears up with. He destroys the Bears on Halloween 44-6, 40-13, whatever, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, opening day, 2009, whatever. Against other teams he chokes. He needs a great team around him just like Cade McNown. When he won the Super Bowl, the Packers team of 95 and 96 had a power ranking higher then Dallas's. Look it up. I collected cards.

Number two -- Favre get nervous as hell, and throws six or seven crazy Rex Grossman interceptions a game in the playoffs. When things get bad, he throws it real deep figuring he can out throw the deepest cornerback? Does that make any sense to you? Does he think that this plane of space exists that no cornerback or safety can run to but his recievers can?

Number three -- Favre can't run

Number four -- Favre falls down on every 2nd hike

Number five -- Favre is friends with half the defensive players in the league. Like Jordan. So they don't treat him as bad as they treat other quarterbacks.You ever once seen Favre just freaking DECKED?! Not never.

Number six -- Na, I like Favre I guess. This was a very hard blog.


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