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Why Brock Lesnar Fighting For UFC Is Big

Updated on June 7, 2016

Brock Lesnar will be returning to UFC for a match. But he is still going to be signed with WWE. This comes as a surprise for multiple reasons. One reason I because back when Wrestlemania 31 was coming up, Lesnar said that he was “closing the door” regarding UFC. Year later, Lesnar is going to give UFC another shot. Now, I think it is important to say that Lesnar is not the first major athlete to say he is done and come back to a sport. Michael Jordan did it after his infamous stint with baseball and again when he returned to play for Washington. George Foreman did it after being away from the ring for a decade. Brett Favre became the joke in sports when it comes to teasing about walking away from the game. But this is a bit different. Brock Lesnar is going back to UFC but also still signed with WWE. Which brings me to my second reason why this is surprising news.

The fact that Brock Lesnar is still signed with WWE makes this an interesting scenario. Not only that but WWE has openly been talking about this. This is not something that has just floated under the radar where WWE mentions it and moves on. WWE has tweeted to make things clear that Lesnar is still under contract and will return in time for Summer Slam but they have also continued to mention he will compete at UFC200 and against Mark Hunt. Normally WWE does not like talking about their competitors. Just look at how they have avoided referencing Ring of Honor or TNA. It is one thing for WWE to keep one of their talents under contract but to openly promote the event they will be competing in is almost unheard of. Did WWE get something out of this deal? Money? Maybe a deal where Ronda Rousey can make a one-off appearance for WWE? It would make some sense. Ronda Rousey made the Wrestlemania 31 appearance with The Rock, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H. This led us to believe that Wrestlemania 32 may have a Ronda Rousey vs Stephanie McMahon or Rousey and Rock vs Stephanie and Triple H. No doubt that would have helped fill up AT&T Stadium. But unfortunately, rumors are that Dana White was unhappy with Rousey’s involvement with WWE at Wrestlemania and those plans were scrapped. But maybe with this deal, WWE could get Rousey to be in one match like Brock Lesnar is with UFC. I know this angle would be two years old but I can see WWE trying to revisit it and promote it. Even though Rousey is no longer undefeated, she is still a big draw and would be fun. Also, we have seen Stephanie slap and embarrass so many wrestlers without really any consequences. Even when she was against Brie Bella in a match, Stephanie won. Obviously the male wrestlers can’t physically do anything (the Roman Reigns spear at Wrestlemania was one time thing in my opinion). So, maybe Rouesy can get physical and finally let a babyface teach Stephanie a lesson.


Last thing I want to talk about is the outcome this might have. WWE will likely want to promote this to make Brock Lesnar seem more like a monster than he already is. But this might not work out in WWE’s favor. If Brock Lesnar wins than that helps Lesnar and WWE because Lesnar’s status goes up and WWE can work with that. Even if Lesnar loses but after a hard fought match that might go to a decision, Lesnar can still look strong in the end. But what if Lesnar loses badly. Like by knock-out or submission or just gets beat up throughout the match? Then when Lesnar returns, he will likely still remain dominant but fans might turn. WWE might promote Lesnar as a dominant monster but fans might think differently if Lesnar does not have a good match at UFC200. However, I think Brock Lesnar is so scary and tough enough where WWE can just make him do something similar to night after Wrestlemania 31. Lesnar comes out and beats up announcers, cameramen, maybe a fan and then tears up the rings and throws things. Lesnar is a guy that is pretty hard to not take seriously. Remember when he destroyed the car Seth Rollins got for J&J Security? What is scarier than Brock Lesnar? How about Lesnar with two axes and ripping off a car door and throwing it in the audience?


In conclusion, this story is big. It was a surprise when it broke and surprise in how it is being handled by WWE. Many questions are still present as well. But something that is known is that this certainly will get a lot of publicity for WWE and UFC no matter what happens.

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