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Why Carson Palmer Has to Remain Cardinals Starting Quarterback

Updated on September 22, 2014


The Arizona Cardinals are finally getting the respect that they deserve starting the season 3-0.

The crazy part of the situation is that they are winning with their back up quarterback, Drew Stanton. People are starting rumors stating that Drew Stanton should continue as their starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

If the Arizona Cardinals want to have any chance of winning the Super Bowl, Carson Palmer has to move back into the starting role once he is healthy.



Carson Palmer is just an overall better quarterback. He has better arm strength, a tighter spiral, a bigger body, and more poise in the pocket.

The first game of the year, Palmer looked quicker in the pocket, was more selective on his throws, and scanned the field looking for the opening receiver. He finished the game with two touchdowns, zero interceptions, and threw for 304 yards resulting in a 108.4 RTG and a win in the winning column.

Though Drew Stanton has looked good so far this year, his receivers are the ones making the plays. His touchdown to Brown, Brown is wide open and the spiral is not tight at all. If he tries to throw that kind of ball against the Seahawks, it will be intercepted.

I think that Logan Thomas is a better quarterback than Stanton. After Stanton suffered the big hit during the game against the 49ers, I was ready for Thomas's chance. He is a big quarterback who has speed and has amazing arm strength.

They need Palmer if they want to have any chance in the playoffs. Stanton is a great back up quarterback and has done a wonderful job filling in for Carson Palmer.



Carson Palmer only has two playoff appearance but he has played in 139 career NFL games compared to Drew Stanton who has never been a team's starting quarterback for the season.

Palmer was traded to the Arizona Cardinals a few weeks after Bruce Arians was announced as their head coach.

After starting the season 3-4, they finished with a 7-2 record including a win at Seattle breaking their home win streak. After throwing eight touchdowns, thirteen interceptions through the first seven games, Palmer’s starting job was in jeopardy but Arians decided to stick with him. Disregarding the Seahawks game, Palmer through fifteen touchdowns and five interceptions the rest of the season.


Receiver Chemestry

Arizona has one of the best receiving cores in the league. They are equipped with future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, rising star Michael Floyd, and speedy John Brown. Whoever the quarterback is, if they have chemistry with these three receivers, they will produce a good season.

Chemistry does not happen over night though. It took Palmer seven games last year to develop chemistry with receivers and trusting each other. This year is the year Palmer can put the ball in spots that he knows his receivers will be there instead of hoping they will be there.

Stanton was only throwing it to wide open receivers and had some "mistaken routes." His two big throws were to a wide open John Brown. Stanton showed no shines of starting quarterback material.

Who Should be Arizona's Starting Quarterback

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If the Arizona Cardinals want any chance to make the Super Bowl, they need Carson Palmer to be their starting quarterback. Drew Stanton is a great back up quarterback and has shown it the last two weeks but it should end there.

If Stanton is left in when Palmer is healthy, they are committing season suicide. Stanton is going to become the next Matt Cassel. He is showing teams that he is able to win but when he is brought in to be the leader on the team, he will fold.


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