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Why Hockey is the Best Sport

Updated on August 6, 2012

I love to watch all sports: football, soccer, baseball, and especially hockey and it should be obvious to anyone why hockey is the best sport to watch compared to any other sport. The speed of the game, the huge body checks,skill it takes to play the game are only a few of the many reasons the game of hockey is much better than any other sport.

Firstly, the huge body checks hockey players make. What is more entertaining than two 6-footers running into each other at top speed? Nothing! At times there can be some bone-crushing hits that people love to see! That is the first reason why hockey is the best sport to watch. Look below for some of the biggest hits hockey has seen.


Next, the speed of the game. Hockey with no doubt is the fastest sport this planet has ever seen. Players can get to the other side of the rink in a split-second. Watching a fast game is much better than watching slow games like baseball or soccer. The speed of the game makes it so much better to watch.


Finally, the skill it takes to play the game of hockey. Hockey is a sport where it takes tremendous amount of sill with no doubt. Learning to skate then learning how to stick handle, pass, and shoot takes skill.Then, watching professionals deke through players and show off there skating skills is very entertaining to watch.

In conclusion, hockey is the best sport to watch with no doubt. If you have a different opinion or just want to comment regarding the hub please do so.


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    • profile image

      Karen 3 years ago

      I actually like the fighting. It just brings the game to a whole new level.

    • MrAhmad profile image

      MrAhmad 5 years ago from Edmonton, Canada

      You are absolutely right fighting has no place in our game and hockey is the best sport ever.

    • jburton11188 profile image

      jburton11188 5 years ago

      No doubt in my mind that this sport is the best there is. Body checking is absolutely exciting, the speed is thrilling especially when you get to sit down low around ice level. I watched hockey for probably 12 years before I got to sit front row. The game is a hundred times faster than you realize sitting even 15 rows higher. I also love the toughness. You tell me a sport where someone takes a puck to the face and then comes back out to finish the game. I hate the Rangers with a passion but I respect guys like Dan Girardi who came back in the Capitals series from taking a stick across his eye and playing 50+ minutes in a triple overtime game. Come on, there's no tougher people in sports. When LeBron James left an NBA finals game with cramps I loved the reaction on twitter from all the NHL players making fun of him.

      I know there's a lot of people who want more scoring in the game, but I love the fact that there's not too many. It makes each goal that much more exciting when it happens. Add in the goal horns and the sound of the crowd, it's really one of the most exciting things in sports when a goal is scored in hockey, because it's so damn difficult.

      I also like that you didn't add in fights. I don't know where you stand on them, but I hate people who say they only watch it for the fights. You probably don't get that as much up in Canada, but on Long Island you hear it all the time and it annoys me. It's pretty much in my mind one of the useless and less exciting aspects of the game. I'd rather watch the real action.