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Why I don’t like soccer any more

Updated on May 29, 2013

I have been an avid soccer lover in the past few years. Now I am thinking about watching soccer alltogether. To be honest, I actually always loved club soccer more than national teams playing against each other; so much so, that I actually never liked, and never cared for competitions like World Cup and such. National teams playing against each other is really not about which team is the best, but rather some overnationalistic, sovinist junk. I mean there were a bunch of players that are world class players, but do not make to the big competitions, simply because all their team mates are crappy. One such player that comes to my mind now is Andrij Shevchenko of Ukraine.

I guess I kinda wandered away from the original topic of this article: why I don’t like soccer anymore (and unfortunately the trends are increasing and getting worse). There are three primary reasons for this:

  1. Acting
  2. Tactical fouls
  3. Referees


First let me explain acting. It is when a player is running next to the opponent team’s player, and oops, all of a sudden, he falls to the ground, holding his head and making faces of pain, all that without the opponent even touching him. If he is good at acting the opponent will recieve a yellow card. He only has to repeat that just once a little later, and, voila, the opponent’s player already has two yellow card within the same game. Unfortunately there is an increasing trend in this.

Tactical fouls

Tactical fouls are, for example, when a striker is kicked in the legs by the defenders, so that he couldn’t get close shot on goal. Come on, who came up with this idea, even the two words in the phrase are contradictory. How can a foul (let’s call it by name: cheating) be tactical? Its like teams (and clubs) are now do anything they can to win; they are not only OK, it is by now desireable and made it their motto: the mean justifies the end.

Do you prefer the use of video referees?

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Referees. Humans naturally make mistakes and are biased. That’s just the way we are. Thinking that humans with such fallacies can lead, a fair game is just mere stupidity. I understand, why the heads in FIFA don’t want to abolish human referees, because it is our tradition. But, in the 1900s we didn’t had the technology for video referees, now we do. So, to make soccer fair again, INTRODUCE VIDEO REFEREES, not just for goals, but all throughout the pitch!

FIFA decision makers

I think that FIFA rule makers should just stop this yellow card madness alltogether, and just use the red card, even for the smallest acting, fouls, ...etc. Now, that would clean up the game right away. Of course, looking at FIFA decision makers, it probably won’t happen. Regarding video referees, they say that abolishing human referees, and thus referee mistakes (or maybe rather referee bias) would ruin the feeling of the game. I feel that those guys never watched any soccer game in their lives, or simply never cared for the game. Oh, and another think: raising our children this way, by not just saying that cheating is acceptable, but saying outright that cheating is a good thing and they should always try to find ways to do it, is just not right.


So until the above problems aren’t fixed, I probably won’t watch any game all the way through.


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