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Why Kata is so Important

Updated on December 27, 2015

Kata in martial arts is really important and a lot of traditional martial art schools are starting to move away from kata because they believe kata was on a different time line or its just for a flashy show. Kata from back then can still be used to this very day because street fighting and life and death situations still exist to this very day and in the same way as it was back then. The combat of today is just as dangerous as it was back in time. The only true difference is that our fire arms has evolved and in time the martial arts has evolved with it as well to where new kata's have been added to help out again fire arms.

Kata MMA

As you saw in the video the martial artiest doing a kata then saw a MMA fighter using it in combat just proves that kata can still be used to this very day in combat. In Okinawan there karate was designed to fight hand to hand or hand to weapon combat which we are still up against to this very day. I know some of you are thinking well they had knives and swords and we have guns. Well your right they had sword but we still have knives to this very day and you can be trained to take a gun from someone which ill show a video below. Mix Martial Arts is a huge sport with rules mind you not a life and death training martial art but a martial art that can still help you out but as you saw the video they were using the kata techniques that they learned from the karate that they have learned and they body took over and applied there moves.

Taking a gun away

The reason why I said that there body took over is because when you are learning kata you are doing the same moves over and over again. By the time you become a black belt you have probably done your Kata's over a hundred times. which some of you may think is a waste of time but it truly is not. When you are doing kata's repeatedly you are doing two things that will help you in your journey as a martial artist. One you are honing your techniques to have the right foot work and hand placement to apply the move correctly and two muscle memory. The reason why muscle memory is so important in martial arts is that reaction is way faster then thinking so instead of thinking your body will react instinctively without thinking. This is why kata that important not to bore you or make you think its some thing flashy and cool, no its they to help you improve. Every kata you learn you can do every where at a park at home in your backyard or in the middle of not where that is another reason why kata was formed because your not going to be at the dojo every day but you must train every day.

I am going to end this with this note for you to reflect on. I don't care if you are learning karate, Aikido, Iaido, Ninjitsu, or even Kung Fu all of the kata's you learn from these martial arts will help you in every day hand to hand or even hand to weapon combat. With that being said pay attention and practice them so you will become stronger and in the future be able to teach it to others to help them become stronger.


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