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Why LSU Lost the BCS National Championship

Updated on January 10, 2012

Play Calling

Offense The LSU coaching staff did not adapt their game plan as it failed throughout their game. They continued to run their screen passes and dives up the middle. They attempt a few downfield passes, which were either picked off or off target. With no real passing attack, the Bama defense was free to focus on pressuring LSU's pocket. The Alabama defense anticipated and stopped everything thrown at them, and that combined with piss-poor execution by the offense, resulted in one of the worst offensive efforts in a National Championship game.

Defense As I watched the game, I noticed that McCarron was able to do whatever he wanted with the LSU secondary. First, LSU blitzed almost its entire defense in desperate attempt to halt Alabama's drives, relying on man to man coverage. This resulted in many great plays for Alabama's Norwood, who was wide open more times than not. The passes were just soaring over the LSU cornerbacks.

Lack of Play Makers

Jordan Jefferson What a disappointment. Jefferson was terrible in the first half of the SEC game, and even worse in both halves of the National Championship. His stupid decisions, along with not so great passing skills, resulted in total and complete offensive failure. Jefferson should have been replaced by Jarrett Lee, who led LSU 8-0, in the second half when it was obvious that he wasn't working.

The Honey Badger Where was his head? Every time I saw him there was a ball soaring over his head or a tackle being missed. He just didn't make any major game changing plus which had been his MO for the last few months. Either the Alabama offense was too daunting a challenge for him, or he just got lazy and overconfident during the over 40 days before the championship.

I was just not impressed by the LSU offense, in this game, or in previous games. There were no running backs or receivers who stepped up to make plays, and the alabama defense was just functioning better than the offense.

Alabama is Just a Better Team

I'm no Bama fan, but they really had the better team this year. The first game was just bad luck; they looked like a better team then too. Bama had a reliable quarterback who was confident and could properly execute and run his offense. Trent Richardson was an amazing asset, and averaged 5 yards a play in the game. Smelley was a great field goal kicker whose numbers ended up being called quite a bit. Alabama was sadly just more talented, motivated, and practiced. They don't have much of a personality, but they do know how to win games.


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