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Why Larry Fitzgerald Is The Greatest Wide Receiver in Football History

Updated on December 12, 2017

Larry Legend

Just Look At This Catch
Just Look At This Catch

The Best Set of Hands in Football History

David Johnson once said in an interview that he had never seen Larry drop a ball, not even in practice. Larry is obviously the greatest Cardinal of all time by far, his first catch in his NFL career was in single coverage by an NFL veteran and Larry was being pressed hard, he leaped into the air and caught the ball with both hands and landed on the ground for over 15 yards. He showed early that he was going to be a legend, and he obviously is. Larry was always the number one option since he entered the NFL, his teammates praise him all the time, the quarterbacks he had played for in the past thank God that Larry was a part of their team. Larry is fourth all time in receiving yards with 15,267, but he will be number three soon because he is behind Randy Moss who has 15,292, only 25 yards in front of him. He is also 8th all time in receiving touchdowns with 109, but again he will probably go up to sixth because Antonio Gates, who is sixth, only has 112, three more than Larry. Chris Carter said in Larry's "A Football Life" that they have the two best sets of hands in football history. Richard Bartel (A former Cardinals QB) said that Larry had the best catch he had ever seen, in practice. "He has the greatest hands to ever play the game, no doubt." - Carson Palmer.

He's Clutch When He Has To Be

In the playoffs Larry always show up, in only 9 playoff games he has 57 receptions, 942 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns and an outstanding performance in super bowl 43 that, sadly, was wasted when he caught 127 yards and 2 touchdowns and 7 receptions. And in the 2016 divisional he caught 8 receptions, 176 yards, and the game winning touchdown, along with that unbelievable catch and run in overtime, just watch the highlights. He comes up big when he has to, and in super bowl 43 it's the Cardinal defense that failed him. It's obvious that Fitzgerald is the clutchest player in Arizona Cardinal's history but I also believe the clutchest wide receiver in NFL history is Larry Fitzgerald.

Larry Fitzgerald in College

He Was In Triple Coverage
He Was In Triple Coverage


In his sophomore season he set the record for consecutive games with a receiving touchdown with 18, in that same season he had a total of 92 receptions, 1672 receiving yards, and tied for fifth all time in single season receiving touchdowns with 22 receiving touchdowns. He ended his college career with 2,677 receiving yards, 34 receiving touchdowns, and 161 receptions. In two years, I may add. In college Larry was someone no one had ever seen before, he was magnificent, he could catch a throw in double coverage that no one else could, his quarterback would see him in double or even triple coverage and throw it to him with confidence that he would make the catch, then he did. Larry had dozens of other wordly catches, the triple coverage behind the shoulder catch against Texas A&M, the two handed grab while he was being tackled against Louisville, and countless more.

The Others

Everyone will say that Jerry Rice is miles ahead of Larry, I will admit that Rice is definitely second or first but that's because of his legacy, it's not all his skill. Rice is only considered number 1 because of his super bowl wins. Skill wise, there is no debate, it's Larry Fitzgerald. I know you'll bring up stats and how Rice is leading in every receiving stat but you need to take into account that the only reason why is that Rice retired after nineteen years while Fitz is currently in his fourteenth. Also Rice played with Joe Montana and Steve Young for most of his career, while Larry's quarterbacks have been Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer, and those are only the notable ones. Of course Kurt Warner is a hall of famer but he isn't even close to have way to Joe Montana or Steve Young. Also Rice played along side other receivers that the defense had to account for, while the best wide receiver of all time is widely considered Jerry Rice that's because of his playoff success. The fact is football is not like basketball, in basketball there are only 5 players for each team on the court therefore you can easily carry your team to the NBA finals, while an NFL team has 22 players and 11 of them are on offense and the other 11 are on defense, it's extremely rare a player plays both ways. One single player cannot make a big enough difference to take their team team to the super bowl, so you cannot truly make that huge debate that someone is automatically the greatest of all time just because they won. Larry lost the super bowl because of his defense, Jerry won because of his QB and good defense. That is exactly why I believe it's Larry Fitzgerald. I'm not saying Rice is a bad receiver, I'm saying he's not better than Larry. If you are a QB than you can make a difference, although there have only been 4 or 5 in football history, and one of them was JOE MONTANA! Jerry Rice's quarterback!


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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image

      TT 5 weeks ago from Anywhere

      He and Cris Carter have the best hands I've seen from a wide receiver and Larry is just as dangerous after the catch