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Why Learning How to Dunk Can Improve Your Game

Updated on May 16, 2012

Learning how to dunk can help your game in more ways than one. First, it improves your game inside the paint. After all, the dunk is the shot with the highest percentage when it comes to conversion. Another is that a well-executed dunk can shift the momentum of the game to your team’s side.

This happens because of two reasons: one, it demoralizes your opponents. Two, it gets the crowd involved. And if you’ve watched a lot of basketball games, you should be aware that the home court advantage is far from being a myth. That is why most players exert a lot of effort in learning how to dunk a basketball.

Knowing the Basketball Dunk Legends

Take for instance Michael Jordan when he made that iconic dunk over Patrick Ewing. After he made a spin on the baseline to get past the Knicks defenders, he went up as high as he could and punched on Patrick Ewing’s dome. What a sickening dunk. And before that game, the Knicks were firing in all cylinders. After the dunk on Ewing, the Chicago Bulls were even more motivated and eventually beat the Knicks in convincing fashion. Many aspiring professionals always want to learn how to dunk like Michael.

How to Dunk - Part 1

What Type of Dunker Are You?

If you want to learn how to dunk, it’d be a good idea to recognize your physical attributes and what type of dunker you will be. There are two types of dunkers: the rim grazers and the power dunkers. Some dunkers are a combination of the two, such as Shawn Kemp.

Blake Griffin, the most popular dunker in the present era, is primarily a power dunker. But he also shows flashes of a rim grazer. For such a big guy, it’s amazing that he can hang in the air and throw the ball down with authority. His most impressive dunk was done this year when he took a pass from newly acquired teammate Chris Paul and jumped over the outstretched hands of former NBA champion Sam Perkins. If you’re a power forward and a center, you can always aspire to learn how to dunk like Blake.

Too Short? Take Heart.

A lot of people express doubts on whether they can learn how to dunk because of physical limitations. If you’re not too tall, you can take heart by reminding yourself of Spudd Webb. Spudd Webb made quite a name for himself as a dunker by winning the Slam Dunk competition in 1986 and beating one of the best dunkers in history and then teammate Dominique Wilkins. And he did this even with a height of 5’6. If you’re of small stature, why not try to learn how to dunk like Spudd? How to dunk a basketball, for short people, can be difficult, but certainly possible.

But of course, athleticism should be taken into account as well. What you need to do in order to learn how to dunk is use a training program that will work on your body control, plyometric ability and maximum strength. Stick to routines that have a basis in scientific principles so that your hard work won’t go to waste. Learning how to dunk will be more successful if you stick to a routine that works. If you’re up to the task, you’d do well to register for a “How to dunk a basketball in 3 weeks” training program. If you stick to the routine and try your best, it’s only a matter of time before you take flight and start posterizing people.


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