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Why Live Bait is Great

Updated on February 27, 2019
Joe Abshier profile image

Joe is a student that likes to fish in his free time and try new lures and techniques that may increase his odds of catching.

Fish Dinner Menu

Fishing baits are meant to mimic the natural prey of the fish in the water, and many plastic baits like worms and lures are colored or scented to resemble a live creature without having to actually use live bait. While these lures and plastics have their advantages, live baits still hold the superior position in attracting and successfully striking and hooking any fish.

Adding Texture to the Dish

Live baits have a certain texture and natural color that the fish know for sure is alive and nutritious, and with the idea of fresh food in the minds of the fish, a strike will almost always occur. The smell of blood or fluids from the live bait may seem disgusting to people, but that intense smell is exactly what the fish interprets as a nice and juicy meal. Plump baits like worms and bugs are excellent at attracting fish with smell, and the natural color combined with texture of soft flesh or hard exoskeleton is great for assuring the fish that the bait is worth keeping.

The Best Live Bait

In addition to smell and taste, the bait can sometimes still move even while stationary. This squirming motion can be what really keeps the fish on the hook, since it knows that the prey is alive and active, giving it a more appetizing appeal. A favorite live bait used among some fishers is the Hellgrammite, a large insect in the larvae stage that is an absolute favorite among bass. A good look at this larvae will reveal just how nasty looking it acts, and it will definitely try to escape with the large mandibles they have. However, larvae males have huge mandibles exaggerated for attracting mates, and makes their mandibles essentially harmless to humans. Hellgrammites also vibrate to try to drive off predators, but this trait in the water may actually attract huge bass looking for a good meal. Hellgrammites can be found under rocks both in and out of water, but for a good day of fishing I would recommend buying these insects as they can be much more plump and attractable for bass.

Hellgrammite Found Under a Rock

Classic Meal for Fish

Worms are a classic for fishing and it is my favorite for how easily they can be put on hooks. The nightcrawler is a very popular worm used for fishing in any waters, and many stores have them available for a decent price. An interesting bait I've used recently was glowing worms, which were fed a special diet that made them luminescent in dark and murky waters. Though these worms can only be bought online, they seemed to have a greater chance of catching in the murky waters in my town.

Which live bait do you prefer when fishing?

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    • HhaosThorngage profile image

      Jeremy Richmond 

      7 months ago from Hubbard

      My absolute favorite part of live bait, is that it takes only a small effort on one's part to use it! Pegged to bottom or under a float, cast out and let the fish come to it! It adds a level of relaxation and realism to the whole experience that you can't get with a Rapala or the newest Yum soft plastic invention!


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