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Why Many Athletes Lack Success

Updated on June 28, 2011

Why Many Athletes Lack Success

For starters, if you think I'm writing about some magical formula for successful performance, please stop reading....

For everyone else, carry on.

When it comes to sports on any level there are athletes who are just flat out talented and then there are athletes who arguably aren't cut out to compete with everyone else. I would never give someone the advice to not try something they believe they can do. In the end the question is how much you want it.

Lack of Strength

There are some athletes who are successful and have never paid a visit to the weight room, but for the most part, if an athlete wants to be able to hit harder, throw further, jump higher, or most importantly prevent injury, strength training is an absolute must.

The important thing is to have quality workouts and not just assume that trying to do a bunch of extra repetitions is going to give an edge over the competition. I would say that strength ultimately starts in the core, because that's what holds everything else together. No strength training program is complete without qualiy core exercises.

Poor Diet

Though there are some athletes who work so hard, it seems like they can eat whatever they want, most athletes have to be aware of what they're putting into their bodies. There are different nutrition needs for different athletes and it's important for an athlete to eat foods that help for his or her sport.

An example is a marathon runner vs. a sprinter. the one running a marathon may benefit greatly by loading up on pasta before a race, because the slow burning nature of the pasta will allow for the slow energy release needed for the long haul. A sprinter on the other hand will benefit more from eating fruit a few hours before a race and sipping a sports drink right before the race, because of the short duration of the race, in-which a quick burst of energy is needed.

I've probably mentioned the fact that when I played football in high school, we would have fried chicken, fries, and hushpuppies as our pre-game meal. We definitely came out sluggish and had very little success. Proper nutrition could mean the difference between sitting out during a crucial drive and making that game winning play.

Not Practicing Necessary Skills

This has to be the absolute biggest problem with many athletes, they put in all the time to get stronger, faster, etc. It's great to see athletes do things to add to what they can contribute, but that all means nothing if they can't perform the sports skills.

It doesn't matter if a baseball player can bench press 400 pounds, the question is rather or not he can play baseball. Taking the time to develop skills for a sport is more important than anything else, because when a football player fumbles the ball, nobody cares about how fast he can run, and nobody cares how hard the tennis player can hit the ball if she can't keep it in-bounds.

Each skill needed for a particular sport should be practiced until it becomes programmed into one's motor program. While many athletes are out trying to find the secret to beating the competition, there are the few successful ones who work hard and realize there's no secret, there's only a commitment to hardwork and excellence.


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