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Why Not Aerostar?

Updated on October 31, 2015


When I wrote my column on who I felt were the ten best candidates to be the next AAA Mega Champion this past Wednesday, I wasn’t expecting much. Perhaps a decent amount of reads and some discussion, but overall just the standard fare before I moved onto the next column. Much like the general public with the film Heaven’s Gate, boy was I wrong. Turns out that my thoughts on the guy to dethrone Alberto El Patron for AAA’s top title would become one of my most popular columns, getting some great reads, some solid feedback and even a few “thank yous” from a couple of the wrestlers on the list. If this seems like that I’m bragging, I apologize; I’m frankly just a tad stunned. As a writer, you never know when something is going to strike a chord with people, even on the small scale that I make up in the grand scheme of the internet wrestling pyramid. I certainly didn’t expect to receive as much attention for that column as I did, and I really didn’t expect to be sitting here on Saturday writing a follow up. And yet, here I am doing just that, and the luchador you can thank is one Aerostar.

It’s no secret to those who read me often enough that I like Aerostar a great deal; hell, I once wrote a column about the man that compared him to the great Rey Mysterio Jr.! The dude is a fantastic talent, and if you were to ask me who is mostly likely to take a giant leap forward in Lucha Underground season two, I’d tell you it was him. Those factors ultimately led to me actually putting him in the ten slot of the Mega Champion column, as I thought his excellent ability and massive excitement factors deserved to give him consideration. That said, I didn’t consider him to be any higher, mainly because I didn’t think AAA saw him as someone of that level and because I didn’t expect the fan support to be there. That is, until something funny started to happen as the column started to take off and people started to vote on the poll for who they felt should be next Mega Champ.

Let me stress this right now; by no means should anyone take the information that I’ve gotten from my column as the be all, end all. The votes on the poll are just a small sample size of a really large fan base, taken from a source that, while not irrelevant, isn’t out there for everyone to see. Having said all that, the nearly 60 people to vote on the poll tell an interesting story. The majority didn’t vote for names like El Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagon Jr., Brian Cage, Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo and countless others. Nope; they voted for Aerostar, and I mean they overwhelmingly did. As it stands now, the Intergalactic Maniac has 55% of the votes, with the next closest being Fantasma and Pentagon, who tied for second at 14%. That’s right, there’s a 41% difference between Aerostar and the two guys behind him, the two who I thought would get the most. It’s not just the poll either. On Twitter, I saw numerous people (most notably a young woman named Sophie), tweeting at me or the higher ups of AAA (Dorian Roldan, Joaquin Roldan and Marisela Pena) screenshots of the poll showing Aerostar being so far ahead. It was admittedly nothing I’ve ever seen before that sprang from my columns, and it was without question pretty cool. If nothing else, it proves that Aerostar is clearly doing something right to have so much support from his diehards. It also gave me a thought, a thought that hasn’t escaped my head since then; why not him? Why not Aerostar?

Can you say hang time?
Can you say hang time?

Now look, I hear all the valid points; Aerostar isn’t as big a name as those other guys on your list (or even some guys not listed), and that’s fair. Furthermore, it’s not like the Mega Championship is treated the same way a World Title is treated in the US; winning it would help Aerostar, but it’s not that big of a deal. I get all those points; I also don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that AAA is trying to expand its brand across North America, an expansion that thus far has been seriously lacking. Two of the three wrestlers they were depending on to help them grow business have left, one to CMLL and the other to WWE. Triplemania, which was supposed to be their launching pad into the US/Canada PPV market, was sabotaged by broadcast issues and a poorly put together card. The Roldans, Konnan and the likes are smart enough to know that can’t continue, but just in case they don’t I’ll say it again now; something has to change. What can help that is a renewed focus on the Mega Championship. As bad as El Patron’s sudden departure looks, it also presents AAA with an opportunity to start making the title mean more, to start making it more viable the further they expand into the States. They need a performer to hold it that’s exciting and dependable, familiar but fresh, capable and charismatic; pretty much all the clichés you’d find in one of those Nancy Myer’s romantic comedies.

Newsflash; Aerostar is all of those things, and frankly just a little more. This isn’t a second generation luchador star that made it big right away (note; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), but a young man who went through five years of gimmick changes before finally discovering who he was in the ring and what he could do. This is a guy who will jump off the lights some 25 to 30 feet above the ring, to put a smile on a fans face. Look at that last sentence again; you don’t see that sort of effort in wrestling anymore, that drive to go to the ends of the earth to make a match special, that need to be someone who does the opposite of going through the motions. And certainly, Aerostar isn’t the only guy mentioned in that previous column who goes beyond the realm, but I’m not quite sure any go as far as him. Aerostar is just excitement in a borderline Power Rangers outfit; he’s a jolt, a spark, the sugar rush to end all sugar rushes. Right now, AAA needs a sugar rush, needs to show people that they are serious about this expansion. What better way to do that than by making your top title mean more, while also putting it on a colorful, charismatic, exciting luchador who will do everything he can to make it mean something?

What even is this?!
What even is this?!

I say all this knowing that the likelihood is that Aerostar won’t be the guy, that the small sample of info I have is nothing more than just one set of fans making their voices heard. And that’s fine; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the other nine names I suggested the other day (hell, if Angelico won it, I’d probably though a parade. I’m not even lying), and I think all of them would do a fine job as Mega Champion. Furthermore, AAA first needs to find out if El Patron will actually be returning to drop the title or if he’s vacating it, a process that could lead to a delay in how long it takes to crown the next champion. One way or another though, AAA is sooner or later going to have to make a decision on this matter. And, if I’m lucky enough to have any of the higher ups attention right now, I only ask them to ask the same question I’ve been these past few days; why not Aerostar? Maybe, just maybe, he’s the spark they could be looking for.

Aerostar wants vote on the poll below!
Aerostar wants vote on the poll below!

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    • Rabadi profile image

      3 years ago from New York

      That guy has some air, cool hub you got yourself a new follower :)


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