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Why Olympic National Park in Washington is the Best Place in America to Camp

Updated on July 19, 2014

Olympic National Park, Washington.

Public Domain Images from
Public Domain Images from

Take a Camping Trip for Your Family Vacation

Camping is one of the most wholesome and inexpensive trips that you can make, and it is perfect for a family vacation. Being immersed in nature and surrounded by clean air makes it one of the most enjoyable and rejuvenating activities that families or individuals can participate in.

There is such a vast list of camping areas that it can be hard to figure out exactly where to go. Always research the park you want to go to and what weather conditions will be like at said park to make sure it's going to be safe and fun. Know that even though what you'll hear described below may be the best place to camp in the country, it is only by a hair and there are many, many other places to camp that will provide an absolutely beautiful location and a spectacular vacation.

From Beaches to Rainforest Olympic National Park has Everything

The Best Place in America to Camp

The best place in America to camp just has to be Olympic Park which is nested comfortably in the Washington wilderness. Designated a national park in 1938 and declared an international biosphere reserve in the 1970s this is a truly remarkable slice of nature still preserved in its timeless and pristine condition.

This national park boasts some very unique qualities. It has three separate and distinct eco-systems one of which is - remarkably and shockingly - a rainforest. That's right, this national park has the one of the only three rain forests in the entire Western Hemisphere.

The Quinault Rainforest is a beautiful part of this diverse and massive park. With 16 National Park campgrounds and a total of over 900 camping sites there are a never ending assortment of places to go camping. Of course the area is also home to expanses of beautiful backcountry that one can camp in as well.

An absolutely inexpensive campground with a range of trails for day hiking and almost a thousand camp sights there is more than enough room to explore the variety this park really offers.

Wildlife at Olympic National Park

Autumn Elk
Autumn Elk | Source

Nature in the Wild

The opportunities for wildlife watching and the scenery this park offers is absolutely incredible. The breathtaking rainforest, the chilly but inspiring glacier-topped mountains, and the flowing and remarkable tidepools are just a few of the incredibly distinct and gorgeous landscapes and scenery this park provides. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails spread all throughout the park.

There is really just an absolutely stunning array of places to visit so your trip can be absolutely packed to the brim with different activities and plans.

Lake Crescent Sunrise

Beautiful Diversity

With its sublime combination of beautiful scenery and wonderful, if sometimes wet, weather Olympic National Park is the best place in America to go camping. Whether you want adventure or relaxation this camping location is the perfect place to travel.

Where else could you find a rainforest, mountain range, and tide pool all in the same national park? Nowhere. And that's what really, at the end of huge day, makes this park stand out. It's diversity, it's beauty and it's accessibility.


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  • SolveMyMaze profile image

    SolveMyMaze 3 years ago

    Excellent Hub. It would be great to visit the park and see the wildlife there.

    It's definitely a once in a lifetime trip for many, but seeing the sunrise over Lake Crescent would be well worth the travel to see it.

  • Litany Notch profile image

    Litany Notch 3 years ago from South UK

    :) I wrote an article about the moon the other day.....

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I just had to read an article written by someone in the UK about Olympic Ntl Park. Well done. As a native to this area, I agree with you.