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Why Pep should stop wasting time chasing Tottenham stars?

Updated on April 11, 2017

Earlier last week, Reports suggested that Manchester City boss Guardiola is interested in signing Tottenham trio Dele Alli, Danny Rose, and Kyle Walker. We are analyzing the news from different angles

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola | Source

From Pep's point of View

Manchester City has conceded 34 goals this season, 13 more than Tottenham. So it is understandable why Pep wants to sign the league's best fullbacks. As for Dele Alli, he is having an exceptional season and is one of the best young players in the world.

In the past, Guardiola has signed David Villa from Valencia, Dani Alves and Adriano from Sevilla, Gotze, and Lewandowski from Dortmund. So he clearly has a history of signing players from their direct rivals of his team (I know Valencia and Sevilla were never really challenged for the title, but they were challenging for the Champions League spot year after year). But what he doesn't know is that it doesn't work in that way here in England. Top clubs in England doesn't sell their top players to their direct rivals. Plus we don't have release clause here in England which makes things even more complicated.

David Villa and Dani Alves was signed by Guardiola from rivals Valencia and Sevilla respectively
David Villa and Dani Alves was signed by Guardiola from rivals Valencia and Sevilla respectively | Source

From Pochettino's point of View

Mauricio Pochettino is clearly building something special at Tottenham. He has changed Tottenham from a fake Champions League chasing team to genuine title contender. He will be hoping to sign more players this summer rather that losing key players in his team.

Rose and Pochettino has a strong relationship so does Alli and Walker
Rose and Pochettino has a strong relationship so does Alli and Walker | Source

From Daniel Levy's point of view

Daniel Levy has sold his key players in the past. But after selling Berbatov to Manchester United, Tottenham has changed their policy about selling their top players to direct rivals. Levy will know that selling any of his current players to any club, let alone to Tottenham's direct rival will invite a lot of anger from fans. He will be aware that this will also raise questions about Tottenham's ambition.

He knows that one of the reasons why he got Pochettino from Southampton was that Saints sold their key players. Levy wouldn't want to lose Pochettino at this time.

Above all that, Tottenham are a year or two away from winning the title, and he wouldn't want to interpret the momentum.

Kyle Walker and Dele Alli of Tottenham Hotspur
Kyle Walker and Dele Alli of Tottenham Hotspur | Source

From players point of view

Before Pochettino took charge Rose and Walker were ordinary "overrated" English players. He has worked closely with them and made them two of the best players in the world. The players will be aware of this. The same goes for Dele Alli as well. Pochettino took him from League one directly to Premier League. It is hard to think of a reason any of them wanting to leave the club that is clearly on the rise.

Do you think Guardiola will get any of his targets from Tottenham?

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Why Media thinks Tottenham will sell their players

We cannot fault the Media to think Tottenham will sell their key players. They have done it in the past. Carrick, Berbatov, Modic, and Bale has all left Tottenham before. They just think that the history will repeat itself.

New Stadium

A new 61,000-capacity is being built near White Hart Lane. Since the planning stage, the cost of the stadium has double from 400m to 800m, which means that Tottenham will be in a lot of debt when they move to their new stadium. Media thinks Tottenham will follow footsteps of their rivals Arsenal and will sell their key players to pay off their debt. But what they don't see is Levy is already planning ahead. An agreement with NFL and stadium naming rights means Tottenham won't necessarily have to sell their players to pay off the debt.

Luke Shaw is reportedly keen to reunite with Pochettino
Luke Shaw is reportedly keen to reunite with Pochettino | Source

The Luke Shaw Factor

Mourinho doesn't fancy Luke Shaw. English Media think Shaw is keen to reunite with his former boss at Tottenham. According to the press, this means Tottenham and Danny Rose will part ways in the summer.

Luke Shaw is a talented young player there is no doubt in that. But he, not the player we saw at Southampton anymore. And I don't understand who would Pochettino sell his key player to sign a player who is out of form and fitness. There is no logic in it. Tottenham are not running a charity where they will take in struggling player and make them the best player in the world and then sell them off. Saying that I still think Tottenham might try to sign Luke Shaw is he becomes available, but he is not replacing Danny Rose, Pochettino's favorite player at Spurs.

Our thoughts

Pep will spend big in the upcoming summer for sure. And he will bid for at least one Tottenham player as he is looking for more homegrown players. But he is not going to get any of them.

What do you think? Do you think Guardiola can convince Spurs to sell their star players? We would like to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below


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