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Why Go Out Under the Sun for at Least Ten Minutes?

Updated on July 16, 2010

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There are students who play outside sports like baseball, tennis, softball, and including track. Those students are dedicated to play and win for their school. However, some of them have other goals, excluding winning for the team. Some of them may have joined for the following reasons:

  • to stay/be in shape
  • to have an extracurricular activity
  • extra points
  • be a professional
  • to be able to get out of school
  • to have fun school life
  • to hang out after school
  • or just trying out

Today's generation are about technology. It is still developing throughout the world. People could now play recreational sports with and within a computer. In later years, it could be predictable that people will be able to do anything with the use of machines. To other people's convenience, having a computer is a good opportunity since they cannot, due to some complications, do what they want outside.
Computers let us have a fun, easy life. So, here are some questions that may get your attention:

  • Why play under the sun and risked your skin to tan?
  • Why allow yourself to sweat outside?
  • Why waste more money on sun screens and lip balm?
  • Why buy a bicycle when you can earn money and buy a car?
  • Why go out of your house just for your neighbors to see you in your athletic clothes?
  • Why buy rubber/running shoes?

Like some of the reasons that athlete students have, some people also do sports and recreation to obtain their goals. Sometimes, they do this because it is part of their habit. Good habit. People who play or do outside activities shouldn't be ashamed of their selves.  

Computers and technologies are helpful but they can also be harmful. Monitors give off radiation. Plus, they make your sedentary living seems limitless. Some people sit down in front of their computers, sometimes, with ear phones. The things with earphones are that it is small and cost less money and space. But it sometimes makes people deaf. Loud music is bad for the ears. It causes hearing problems. It is said that headphones are way better since it really keeps off outside sounds than ear-bud pieces.

Teenagers, who search for an active social life, are mostly on the computer twelve hours a day, or more. If not searching for somebody they chat, they are playing computer games or reading online. If not on the computer, they are on the phones. Some of them, however, are reading books or playing board games or outside games. Reading online and reading books maybe similar but even though reading online maybe simpler, reading from a paper will reduce radiation intake and is more healthier. 

Sedentary living is when people are just sitting down watching tv, eating, and etc. It doesn't really help with the blood circulation, which helps bad cholesterol form on blood vessels. In time, the fats may clog the vessels completely.

Computers aren't bad just make sure to even take a thirty minute walk, or more, outside each week. And get yourself a ten to fifteen minutes vitamin D from the sun, or intake supplements.


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    • red_roses profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA


    • Pollyannalana profile image


      8 years ago from US

      Good advice, welcome to hubs,Polly

    • M.s Fowler profile image

      M.s Fowler 

      8 years ago from United states

      Interesting hub!


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