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Why Sports Fans Hate the Yankees

Updated on April 1, 2010

I have heard many non-sports people ask about why many sports fans complain about the Yankees. Despite what many would have you believe it is not because they are the devil; it's because they have become one of the most prominent symbols for a trend in profesional sports that many dislike.

The Yankees are hated not because they are good but because of why they are good. Many moons ago, when Mr. Carroll still had most of his hair, cheering for a team was fun because the players would stay on the same team from year to year with some eventually becoming fan favorites. Edgar Martinez of the Mariners is a great example of a fan favorite; he gets cheered so much because he's our Edgar not the Edger that we bought from some other team.

Now, however, baseball has become a bit mercenary. Players and entire teams move from year to year based on who pays the most. There is no sense of loyalty or camaraderie, and any sense of continuity from season to season has been lost. This year’s team could be completely different from last year’s team. A rapidly growing number of fans are saddened and angered by this trend in sports, because then their beloved baseball games seem to be more business transactions than games. If you are a Mariners fan and have cheered for Alex Rodriguez for years it will leave some bad blood when he deserts to another team and ends up playing for that other team against the Mariners.

The Yankees have become the poster child for this trend in sports because they pay the most, which means they are composed mostly of these mercenary baseball players. It is hard to feel any loyalty to a team and its players if you know that they are only playing for this team as long as it is the most profitable for them.

That being said, I find the hate directed against the Yankees unfair; who among us wouldn’t move to New York for what A-Rod was offered?

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