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Why The Cavs Are Still Using Kevin Love Wrong

Updated on June 18, 2016

Love's Strenghts

Kevin Love can be one of the best players in the NBA. Given the fact that he averaged like 25 points and 15 rebounds in Minnesota tells that story. However this of course was because he was the number one option on the team and was used to maximize his strengths.

So what are Kevin Love's strengths exactly?

1. Rebounding. Loves rebounding ability is amazing, Love ones had a 31 rebound game and avaraged 15 rebounds a game one season. Right now for his career he avaraged 11.5 rebounds a game. But in his star years in minesota he avaraged around 14 a game which is amazing. This season he avarages "just" 9.9 which is mostly because he plays on the perimiter a lot more which decreases his offensive rebounding potential a lot.

2. Inside scoring. Love's post scoring pretty good. His hook shot for example ranked top 12 in the nba for almost every year he played. Also Love shoots about 60% from 0-3 feet from the basket which is really good.

3. Shooting/outside scoring. Love is mostly a shooter offensively. His shot is really god especially for a big man which make the choice for him being the stretch for a decent one. For his career he shots 36% from three which is means 1.08 points per shot which is pretty good.

4. Passing. I'm going to keep this one quick, Love is one of the best passing big man on the planet. Especially his outlet passes are amazing.

Video breakdown of love in minesota 42 points

How the cavs use love

In a cavs uniform Love have mostly been a spot up shooter from three. This makes some sense because of his shooting ability he will be able to stretch the floor out better than almost any pf or sometimes center in the nba. This creates room for Lebron to drive inside and for Kyrie to drive inside. He gets some post touches but those are at a minimum. Other than that Love is mostly a defensive rebounder right now. He can't be an offensive rebounder because he spents to much time on the perimiter.

In this role he does a decent job. His true shooting percentage is about 54% which is above avarage. And avarages like 11.8 rebounds and 18.3 points per 36 minutes which is really solid.

How the cavs should use Love in my opnion

Here I have a few different points on how he should be used, depending on the linup.

In general:

In my opinion Kevin Love should be used to get more rebound. Let love play mostly inside the arc. He can still be a catch and shoot player there but if you give him one or two steps inside the arc he will be able to use his rebounding skills way better. Especially with the cavs shooting so many threes. When Lebron or irving drive to the basket love could just backpeddel to the 3 point line to still get the floorspacing you need.

Love should always crash the boards as soon as he thinks someones is going to take a shot get further inside and get those boards. Love is probably just as good an offensive rebounder as tristan tompson is so go after that. No matter where he is on the floor at all times he should crash the offensive boards every single time.

With Tristan Thompson in the game

With tristan thompson in the game you already have that amazing offensive rebounding presence who is going to play inside and is not providing that much spacing. So here it's probably the best if love stays outside a little bit more. However I still feel that whenever a shot is taken that love should sprint inside to go after the rebound. He is so good at it that often time he can get a rebound he shouldn't be able to get just like Thompson. This duo on the floor playing like that should make sure the cavs out-rebound every single opponent and dominate in that era.

With Tristan Thompson on the bench

When thompson on the bench there will be another shooter on the court. This will probably be channing frye or richard jefferson for example. When playing like this there is a lot more spacing on the floor. And I feel like it will be better if the cavs will use Love in the same way they use thompson right now INSIDE. Let Love play the exact role that Thompson is playing when on the floor and Love will get probably just as much offensive rebounds as Thompson is getting. When James or Irving drives Love should roll down to the short corner, or the top of the key, where he is still in a great position to rebound, he can get a drop off pass from lebron or kyrie if the defense collapses to them which means love will get more offensive rebounds which will probably get him at 12-15 rebounds a game again. And he will score more points from putbacks and the dropoff passes. Love would be worth every single penny on his contract if they play this way.

So what do you guys think? Would this help Love AND the cavs? Leave your opinion in the comments and please fill out the poll :).

Don't forget to share this with your friends to hear what they think ;).



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